Friday, December 12, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Sonija Kwok has been filming for "Golden Egg of Ap Liu" recently and is often to be seen on location in Ap Liu Street. In response to the tatooed musclemen who frequent the area, she says: "I have seen them, but they are nothing to worry about really. They just say that I am a lot prettier in person and have not mentioned my figure, so I feel that they are very well mannered."

As for being apart from her boyfriend Deric Wan over Christmas, Sonija laughs: "I don't know if he will suddenly rush back from Taiwan to give me a surprise, but the worst thing is that I still haven't bought him a present." As for suggestions of the famous adult publications available in Ap Liu Street that she could buy during work, she immediately reacted quite strongly saying: "What? I don't think so!"


[Oriental Daily]

Cast members of TVB's Qing Dynasty drama "War and Beauty" (Palatial Sins), including Maggie Cheung and Moses Chan set out yesterday for Hengdian to flm on location. Although the weather there is very cold, the two did not have very much luggage. Moses only had one case as he says if he is not warm enough, he can buy more clothes there.

Maggie says that as well as two duckdown coats, the most important items are her sun protection and moisturisers. She has also taken Korean Ginseng and a DVD player to ease the boredom. The location crew will be spending three weeks in Hengdian and in response to reports that Carmen Li was drugged and robbed in a hotel in Hengdian, Maggie says she has no money for anyone to steal, but she is afraid that her body is all they can take, so she plans to wrap herself in cling film every night before she goes to sleep so the thieves have no way in. Also she will ask her colleagues from the props department to add an extra lock to her hotel room for extra safety. After the filming in Hengdian has finished, they will move to Beijing for a week and Maggie has heard that they will spend one day filming in the Forbidden City. As the rent for the location is RMB 100,000 per day, the producer has warned everyone to be on their toes as there can be no mistakes!


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