Monday, December 15, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Shirley Yeung will be spending her first Christmas with boyfriend Gregory Lee, but as she has been filming recently for TVB's new series "Golden Egg of Ap Liu", she laughs: "I don't even have time to sleep, never mind shopping for presents." Shirley claims to be very forgetful: "I am not romantic at all, but he [Gregory Lee] will sometimes have some little gifts and surprises for me, so in comparison, I am not as thoughtful as he is." Shirley also says that she does not need her boyfriend to be too romantic: "I think security, mutual understanding, communication and compatibility are more important. Presents depend on the situation and if the thought is there, then it is enough."


[The Sun]

This year has seen a resurrection in styles from the sixties and seventies and although the fashions are not suitable for everyone, if you want to join in the revival, then why not try the accessories. Charmaine Sheh sets an example, buying many reminiscent items and her favourites are multicoloured plastic bead bracelets and necklaces.

Charmaine was taking part in a TVB promotional event and wearing a set of these accessories as she indicated that her accessories had been bought from Zamptz in Causeway Bay for a few hundred dollars. She says: "Old fashioned clothes are harder to choose, but accessories are easier to carry. All you have to do is add a few beads and you have the look and it is cheaper and you can still use them the next year." She also suggests other places to try and shop for these fashions. If you want more of a 'Mod Look' then your best choice will be black and white beads, but don't overdo it - one or two pieces are enough. Together with smoky eyes, it goes like a dream and transforms you into a sexy girl from the sixties and seventies.


[The Sun]

Myolie Wu signed her contract to become the voice of a famous Mainland DVD Company yesterday and joins the ranks of Andy Lau as spokesperson for this high profile company, who are hoping to break into the Hong Kong market. They were looking for someone with a healthy image, so they chose Myolie, but reports indicate that her fee is very different from Andy Lau's at just a six figure sum compared to Andy's ten million dollars. With rumours that Andy will be upping his fee next year, the company will be looking at Myolie's progress eagerly and if she can provide the goods at a budget price, then they might offer the Mainland promotions to her as well. When she saw the advertising posters yesterday, Myolie was very happy and she has had a good income this year, with ads for skincare products, phones and DVD and a drinks product in the pipeline! She beamed widely and said: "After moving house, the feng shui has been very good. I would like to be like Miriam Yeung and earn a billion dollars in 8 years."


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