Wednesday, December 10, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

"Charitable Brave" Master Ng Kong has formulated an idea for this year's Tung Wah Charity Show to challenge the crocodile and he has earlier taken trips to Panyu, Shenzhen, Foshan and Zhuhai's crocodile island for three months to train for this in the hope that he can perform at the Tung Wah Show. Master Ng points out that he can catch with his hands a 300 lb 10 metre long crocodile and can kiss with a crocodile and also pluck a golden ball from within the croc's mouth. He says that at first he wanted to learn how to put his head inside the croc's mouth, but because of insurance problems, they will never let him do that.

Ng Kong says that because he did not take part in last year's event, he hopes that he can play a part this year, so during the training, he was brushed over many times by the crocodile and it was quite hard work, but during his training, he was watched over by experienced crocodile handlers who have all spent over ten years looking after the beasts and Master Ng also says that he has just 100 days experience, but his eight teachers have praised him as "The Crocodile Kid".

When asked whether TVB have allowed him to carry out this stunt, Ng Kong says: "TVB request clearly that the performance must be well rehearsed throughout and 100% safe without any chance of going wrong. To this, I am absolutely confident." He also says that he has made arrangements for TVB to film the stunt in Zhuhai's Crocodile Park and will be heading out there to begin filming tomorrow.

Although Ng Kong is full of sincerity, the producer of the Tung Wah show Chan Chi Kau says that he has not yet been able to contact Ng: "I am not clear about the details of this item and for now, he is not part of the line-up. After all, there is an element of danger surrounding crocodiles and no-one would like an accident to happen. Overall the focus will be on 100% safety and we will not ask artistes to risk their lives, so I will not let him do it and undergo so much danger, even if he brings two crocodiles into the studio, I will still not agree to it."


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