Monday, December 29, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Bernice Liu was spotted on location on Sunday evening with the location team of "Virtues of Harmony" filming a scene where she was dating Ellesmere Choy because she had lost her memory and he gives her a pork chop bun that is her character's favourite food. Then by chance, she bumps into her 'father-in-law-to-be' Lau Dan and his wife who live nearby and they stop for a chat. As it is also Ellesmere's birthday, they are especially happy.

Recently, there have been many overseas contestants arriving in Hong Kong to take part in Miss Chinese International pageant and hailing herself from the contest, Bernice has been watching the news. However as the contestant from her native Vancouver has not yet been revealed to the press, she has not been able to offer her opinions yet. As for the influx of 'Western' Chinese girls like Bernice taking part in the contest, she agrees and says: "This will help us CBC's (Canadian Born Chinese) to become more interested in learning about Chinese culture. My Cantonese is pretty good now and conversely, Hawick Lau's English is not that great!"


[Oriental Daily]

Yesterday, Rain Li, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan and Cerina De Graca set off for Wuxi to film on location for new series "My Master is Wong Fei Hung". The weather there is very wintry and snowy and the temperatures extremely cold, so Rain who has always been very afraid of the cold has packed a lot of winter clothes to wear there. Rain says: "If you are going somewhere warm, then you get the holiday feeling, but going to a cold place, I will freeze. I am very afraid of the cold, so I had to bring a lot of warm pads and my friends have given me a lot of scarves and other warmth products to me as Christmas presents."

Rain and Sammul have also taken a lot of face masks with them in case of SARS reappearing, with Rain taking a few dozen. As for Bosco, he says that he is not afraid of anything, so he has not brought any SARS prevention items.

At the airport, a group of fans saw their idols off, with "Triumph in the Skies" causing Sammul to have the most supporters, beating Bosco who is currently being promoted by TVB. No wonder he was very happy and surprised at seeing his fans at the airport as Sammul said: "I would never have thought they would come to see me off, I didn't tell them which flight I would be taking today."


[Ming Pao News]

Ratings Report

Last week's Christmas ratings fell for both TVB and ATV. Among them the greatest drop was for "Life Begins at Forty" that fell by 8 points (510,000 viewers) from last week's "Triumph in the Skies" to just 24 points (1.55 million viewers), saving male lead Alex Fong a lot of money as he does not need to fulfil his promise of taking everyone to Thailand if they broke 30 points. "Bronze Teeth 2" and "Virtues of Harmony 2" fell by three points each, gaining 24 points (1.55 million viewers) and 26 points (1.68 million viewers) respectively. However, Saturday's "2003 Review of the Year" did well up 4 points on the previous week at 19 points.


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