Sunday, December 28, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

The 2004 Miss Chinese International Pageant will be taking place on 17th January and the 21 contestants from all over the world met up in TKO TVB City yesterday to shoot their promotional clips.

Looking on, the average height of the contestants this year is around 5 ft 7 or 8 and are full of youth, with some high standards. Among them the 19 year old contestant from Los Angeles, Number 8 Chui Ching Kit looks a little like Japanese star Takako Tokiwa. Born in Shanghai, she says in fluent Mandarin: "Do I think I look like Tokiwa? I am okay, but no-one has said I look like her, I think she is very pretty."

As for number 16 Sarina Lee hailing from Toronto, who was praised by Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho as being very pretty, she reveals that she is 19 years old and emigrated from Hong Kong. She also says that she is currently studying hard and hopes to become an accountant. Talking of Mandy's praises, Sarina points out happily: "Thank you, actually we are quite friendly, maybe because we can both speak Cantonese, so we are always chatting."


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