Saturday, December 06, 2003

Lau Dan, Liu Kai Chi and Ellesmere Choy were among the guests along with a group of Martial Artists at the retirement party for Martial Arts Director Lo Keung, when a scuffle broke out between guests and those attending another function at the restaurant despite the rooms being divided. At around 10:40 pm, as the two parties were getting underway, there were complaints about the neighbouring wedding party being noisy and it is alleged that an artiste climbed onto the partition to shout remarks at the other people. Expletives were uttered and three partition screens were knocked over, injuring the groom's aunt and another female guest. Afterwards, an argument broke out and Lau Dan, Liu Kai Chi and Ellesmere Choy stepped forward to calm everyone down and check on the injured. When the police were called, they did not take anyone away, but left a case number for the injured parties in case they wanted to press charges as the groom's aunt was taken to hospital.

Yesterday, Lau Dan was filming for "Virtues of Harmony 2" and said with resignation: "At the time they said we were being noisy and threw a fork over at us. Then a few of the martial artists pushed the partition and it hit an old lady, leading to an argument. Then someone called the police and they just recorded the incident, but I have heard that someone mentioned I was taken away with them. I am a member of the Crime Prevention Council of Tseung Kwan O and know the police quite well so I just walked out with them and then went to my own car!"

As for Liu Kai Chi, he said: "It wasn't such a big incident, as usual at these happy occasions, there was some pushing because they were too merry and couldn't control themselves. There was no-one fighting and there were mediators on both sides."


[Oriental Daily]

Bondy Chiu, Michael Tse, Louis Yuen and Frankie Lam were filming a football scene for "Virtues of Harmony" yesterday. Recently, Bondy has come down with a cold and she revealed that when she was filming a bed scene with Michael, she kept coughing and it made Michael quite scared. She says: "Because Michael had to climb over me, he got quite close to me and he says that he is risking his life to film this scene. Luckily I did not pass my cold onto him."

Bondy also reveals that Michael knows how to keep himself well and laughs that he is "Chicken Soup Wah" because whenever the weather starts to get cold, he will make some chicken soup to keep warm, but because Bondy has a 'hot foundation' [Chinese Medical Term] she cannot drink it. Also, talking of Christmas and New Year shows, she says: "The market is around the same as last year, not bad, but the fee is not as good as it was a few years ago and some have fallen, so I will just have to do more to make up for it."

Also, Louis Yuen was the goalkeeper in the scene yesterday and when trying positions, he was nearly hit in the groin by the ball. Luckily Louis blocked it in time, but he ended up twisting his knee. He says: "Maybe I haven't had enough sleep, so it was easier to be injured. It isn't serious, but I am getting older and I need to do more exercise."


[Oriental Daily]

After raising much controversy after winning the TVB anniversary award, Maggie Cheung was heavily supported by Liza Wang and Maggie admits that she has been good friends all along with Liza and during the times with all the gossip around, Liza had offered her comforting words. Maggie says: "Often when there are things I can't work out, I will talk to Liza and ask her advice. She comforted me, saying that there will be news every day, but people will only look at your performamce. (Liza treats you well, like a goddaughter?) We haven't reached that stage yet, but Liza is just telling the truth."

Also, Maggie appeared in a low cut outfit to promote her slimming products yesterday, but it was not as sexy as some of her past outfits. Maggie explained: "There is no reason to wear swimsuits in the winter!" Mariane Chan who was beside her at the time laughed: "The weather is very dry, so she doesn't want to give people nosebleeds!" Also Maggie revealed about her upcoming performance at Connie Chan's concert: "Connie says that I should put on a little more weight, then I will look just like her!"


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