Monday, December 08, 2003

[The Sun]

Andy Hui and Yoyo Mung were filming at a furniture shop in Happy Valley earlier for a music special, but they were met with decoration work upstairs that caused a lot of noise and plently of NG's for the crew. The scene had to be planned carefully, but luckily Andy is quite experienced, having filmed movies and music videos and has seen this all before, otherwise it would have been quite hard work!


[The Sun]

Having represented Hong Kong in this year's Miss World contest, Rabee'a Yeung told yesterday of her memories of the contest. As for Miss China gaining the 2nd Runner-Up position, she felt that this was a great honour and has brought glory to all Asians and she feels happy for her, she says: "When Guan Qi got the award, I was very emotional and happy for her. Although I didn't get an award, I was not disappointed because I made a lot of friends and the whole experience was like being on holiday and very happy!"

As for being lucky enough to be photographed with the Miss World judge Jackie Chan, Rabee'a felt this was particularly memorable and laughed: "When Jackie found out I was the Hong Kong representative, he told me to give it all I had and keep up the good work. I was so overjoyed!" Her biggest gain this time was getting to know some great friends and receiving lots of presents from the other contestants, including lucky charms, hats and accessories. Also Rabee'a will soon be hosing a new food and drink programme with Vincent Kuk.


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