Friday, December 12, 2003

Having previously announced his intentions to do a crocodile act for this year's Tung Wah charity show, Ng Kong was turned down by TVB on the grounds of safety and insurance and although disappointed, Master Ng will pin his hopes on doing a python act next year.

Every year, it is traditional that Master Ng will have a breathtaking performance, but as he was preparing for his crocodile catching act for tonight's show, TVB have adamantly refused his performance on the grounds of insurance. Reports indicate that as well as safety and insurance reasons, TVB do not wish to be accused of capitalising on the recent incident where a crocodile has been roaming free in the waters of Yuen Long.

Yesterday, Master Ng took an insurance representative with him to a meeting at TVB City with Variety Show Manager Wong Ka Leung and Tung Wah Show producer Chan Chi Kau, presenting his insurance proposal for $10million, but when he was asked if he was willing to pay the premium himself, he just said: "I was prepared to do anything." However, TVB still refused his performance tonight.

Wong Ka Leung responded: "You have no certifications or professional qualifications, you are a Kung Fu star, so we cannot take these things lightly. There are no second chances in life and I am very sorry, maybe next year you can do pythons." Later, Master Ng offered to take out the parts where he is kissing the crocodile or taking a pearl from its mouth, but Wong said: "Then that would not be as entertaining. Why don't you let us think something up for next year that is exciting, entertaining and where you don't need to smear yourself with oil for!"

When Master Ng found out he was not allowed to catch crocodiles, he said with disappointment: "As I can't perform, then I will donate a five-figure sum as a token."

In the past, Master Ng has performed some quite dangerous feats. For example in 2001, he hung some dumbells from his groin area and pulled five 16-seater mini buses weighing 4000 lbs with his teeth and in 2002, he burned his body with fire crackers. It is admirable of him not to give up as he said on the telephone: "Maybe next year I will catch pythons."


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