Wednesday, November 19, 2003

TVB 36th Anniversary Awards Results

(Ta Kung Pao)

My favourite male lead role: ROGER KWOK (Square Pegs)

My favourite female lead role: MAGGIE CHEUNG (King of Yesterday and Tomorrow)

Most Improved male artiste: RAYMOND LAM (Survivor's Law)

Most Improved female artiste: TAVIA YEUNG (Vigilante Force)

My Favourite Partnership (in a serial): ROGER KWOK & JESSICA HSUAN (Square Pegs)

My Favourite Partnership (non serial): LAI NOK YI, LEE YAT LONG, LEE YU YEUNG & SAM CHAN (Hearts of Fencing)

My favourite character actor: PAUL CHUN (King of Yesterday and Tomorrow)

My favourite character actress: SHEREN TANG (Loving You II)

The Million Stars Award for Oustanding Achievement: WOO FUNG

My favourite characters in a TV series:

Roger Kwok - Ah Wong (Square Pegs)
Maggie Cheung - Lui Sei Leung (King of Yesterday and Tomorrow)
Kwong Wa - Yong Zheng (King of Yesterday and Tomorrow)
Francis Ng - Samuel Tong (Triumph in the Skies)
Jessica Hsuan - Ling Choi Fung (Square Pegs)
Steven Ma - Chow Sai Hin (Perish in the Name of Love)
Charmaine Sheh - Cheung Ping (Perish in the Name of Love)
Julian Cheung - Yeung Kwong (Take My Word For It)
Flora Chan - Belle Lok (Triumph in the Skies)
Bobby Au-Yeung - Sung Chi (Witness to a Prosecution II)
Kenix Kwok - Lam Siu Man (Seeds of Hope)
Bowie Lam - Fong Nga Jai (Vigilante Force)


Apartment winner: Poon Fong Fong
Car winner: Bernice Liu
Cash winner: Carrie Lee

(Info courtesy of the helpful people at Winglin New TVB Forum: www.winglin.net )
Updated with info published by Sing Pao

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