Thursday, November 20, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

With their success in taking TVB's "Most Improved Artistes" awards, Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung rushed back from filming "Double Dragon of the Tang" in China to take part in the celebrations before heading back the next day. Although they were in Hong Kong for less than 24 hours, Raymond felt it was well worth it because he has his award. He says: "It may sound cliched, but I felt all along that to be nominated was already an improvement and getting the award has made me very happy. I feel like I haven't caught up with myself yet, because it has been such a rush."

Tavia says that at first she never thought she could return and take part in the anniversary, until her manager called her and told her to pack and come back to Hong Kong, when her heart was still undecided. As she has been filming in China for the past few months, she does not know about any of the rigorous competition for the awards, so when her name was announced as the winner, she was shocked and surprised.


Sheren Tang took the award for "Best Character Actors" together with Paul Chun and laughed that she was matured early to get this award at her age, but luckily she is still pretty. As for the revelation that she entered the industry in 1984, giving an indication of her age, she says it doesn't matter because everyone already knows how old she is. She especially thanks TVB because the company was willing to spend money on filming "The Threat of Love" stories and making two series of it. She is waiting for the third set because she can play many different characters.


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