Thursday, November 27, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB's prime time viewing in the Anniversary month has been well received and with ratings for "Point of No Return", "Virtues of Harmony 2" and "Triumph in the Skies" gaining 34 points, 34 points and 33 points respectively, as well as the anniversary gala celebration show gaining 35 points, TVB held a special celebratory party yesterday at a hotel. Those present included the stars from the shows as well as the crew and some executives including Chan Chi Wan, Wong Kei, Catherine Tsang, Tommy Leung and Wong Ka Leung.

With Maggie Cheung's win of the 'My Favourite Female Lead Role' award causing some animoscity between her and Kenix Kwok, Jessica Hsuan and Charmaine Sheh, Charmaine has always denied being angry with Maggie. However at yesterday's event, when the group photograph was being taken, Liza Wang and Maggie were already sitting on the side of the stage. Originally the crew had arranged for Charmaine to stand next to Maggie, but she refused on the grounds that she was afraid of revealing herself. Maggie immediately pulled Damian Lau over to sit next to her as Charmaine stood behind Maggie talking to Paul Chun, totally blanking Maggie and making their differences quite obvious.

As for her continuous attraction to gossip, Maggie called over the reporters herself and said: "As for the rumours, i will respond all in one go, so watch out for tonight's 'City Starbiz' at 8pm." Unfortunately, it would seem that Maggie has got the time and name of the show wrong because 'Jade Starbiz' will be airing at 7:30 pm! Maggie says that she feels that a lot of the reports have been exaggerated and to stop the rumours from propogating, she will ignore them unless she hears or sees anything for herself. At the same time she says she will be more careful to avoid her words being twisted again.

When Maggie was asked whether she has upset her female colleagues, she says: "I don't think so, it is you (the media) who has made it seem like I have upset them all. In fact, every female star is busy doing their own thing. As for the gossip arising after I gained the award, any intelligent viewer will know the reasons, I don't want to make it even darker." Has she been called in by the executives? She says she has not, in fact, they have told her not to take any notice any more and just get on with her work. Maggie also says tht she has learned many lessons in the past and she has learned to become smarter. When asked whether she has seen Kenix, she says that she has been busy filming and not yet seen Kenix, but if she sees her, then she will ask her to look at the reports in a positive light and not fall for the trickery.

Maggie also revealed two crystal bracelets on her left wrist yesterday and she said that originally they were to ward off evil, but after the anniversary, one of the black crystals suddenly cracked. She says: "I don't know if this as coincidence, or whether it has helped absorb the bad luck, but I will believe it anyway."

Also, Charmaine took care over her appearance for yesterday's event and talking of reports in a magazine that Maggie had purposely talked to her more, she just smiled. When asked whether she is getting on better with Maggie, Charmaine replied coldly: "Our relationship has not changed. (With so much gossip surrounding Maggie, have you comforted her?) I don't know about any gossip and I wouldn't believe it anyway."


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

Charmaine wore a pair of leggings under her skirt - is she still afraid of revealing herself? If that isn't an excuse, then what is?

(Additional picture from The Sun: http://the-sun.com.hk/channels/ent/20031128/20031128003959_0003.html )

[Additional from Sing Pao]

Among the fifteen tables of guests at the champagne reception were Francis Ng, Damian Lau, Liza Wang, Nat Chan, Maggie and Charmaine.

As Maggie is surrounded by the press, Charmaine and Myolie pose for photographs.


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