Tuesday, November 25, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB's annual charity fundraiser for the Tung Wah hospitals will be taking place on 13th December and many stars, artistes and opera stars appeared at yesterday's press conference. However, the class of guests is not as strong as it used to be and after last year's event, Eric Tsang has pointed out that after many stars have found fame, they are no longer as enthusiastic about appearing at charity shows. Producer Chan Chi Kau admits that this year's event will be clashing with the Golden Horse Film Awards, so there have been some difficulty in booking guests.

Producer Chan indicated that Eric Tsang had been booked a long time in advance and he will be MC on the night as well as taking part in a sketch. Due to the time constraints in the anniversary show, Eric got away lightly with little torture from Ronald Cheng, and originally they had planned to let Ronald have his revenge at this show, but unfortunately Ronald cannot spare the time in his schedule and another partner will have to be arranged for him. Other events arranged for the 'Tung Wah' show include: "Treasure Raiding Beauties" starring Timmy Hung, Bernice Liu and Yumiko Cheng who will be speeding in cars and boats with help from the stunt teams; "Charity Circus" starring Twins; "Showing Love through the Blue Waves" where Boyz will be doing a jigsaw under water with some Miss Hong Kong contestants; "21st Century Help Net" a display of martial arts led by Chow Siu Lung and Chin Ka Lok that may also guest star Yuen Wah and other members of the Yuan Gar and Hung Gar Martial Arts troupes; "Aaron from the Heart" where Aaron Kwok will be giving a song and dance routine and "Taking Dragon's Eyes to New Heights" where Nic Tse will be painting dragons eyes from 80 feet up in the air and testing the strength in his arms. There will also be other song and dance items.

Artistes taking part in yesterday's press conference included: Edmond Leung, Boyz, Gigi Leung, Joyce Koi, Lee Lung, Priscilla Koo, Mandy Cho and Stephanie Wang. Edmond reveals that he will be performing keep ups with a ball whilst going up stairs, raising $10,000 for each catch. He says his record is around a hundred, so he hopes to make at least ten this time. Boyz will be in a swimming event, but they say they will be wearing diving gear. When asked if they were nervous about appearing with the Miss Hong Kongs in swimwear, they said that they will only be thinking about raising money for charity and nothing else. Stephanie Wang says that she will be taking part in the diving jigsaw puzzle and will be wearing a two piece swimsuit. Also she will be taking part in the Karaoke contest with the support from her father Wang Wai and her friends, she is confident that she will raise several thousands of dollars.


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