Sunday, November 30, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

This year is TVB's 36th Anniversary and thanks to all the experienced employees in the company, they have achieved this, so the company has held a special awards ceremony to thank their long serving staff with attendance from chairman Sir Run Run Shaw, Vice-chairman Ms Fong Yat Wah, Director Mrs Li Hau Wo, Managing Director Ho Ding Kwan together with other executive staff members. Staff serving 30 years were given a gold bracelet weighing 1.5 taels, those reaching 20 years service were given a memorial coin and a 0.7 tael gold chain and those achieving ten years were given a gold coin weighing 0.3 taels.

Among the artistes receiving a ten-year award were Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok, Joe Ma, Steven Ma, Jojo Cho, Sim Lap Man and Ellesmere Choy, but of these Jessica, Kenix and Joe were unable to attend. As for Steven, he left soon after receiving his award. As for working for TVB for ten years already, Steven says that he feels nothing special, but that time passes very quickly. He says: "Although it has been ten years already, I haven't filmed many series because I was just a singer for the first three years, so I have only been filming for seven years really. (Have you been happy with your development over the last ten years?) It's okay, it's not very great, but I have had a lot of opportunities. I don't know if I will make it to the next milestone though because I have decided that when I am 40, I will turn to publishing full time." At the moment, he has many books to plan for and he is working closely with mainland publishing houses for bigger projects in the future.

As for the recent gossip surrounding his good friend Maggie Cheung, Steven laughs: "When people become famous it will be like this, but I believe she was not malicious and was probably just too happy. As for the others (Kenix Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Jessica Hsuan) they are also my friends and I hope that this will blow over soon." Talking of just gaining an award for his TV character this year, Steven says he is already very happy, especially as he found out that unlike the awards in the past where just the top was made of gold, this year's awards were made totally of gold.


[The Sun]

Although Jojo Cho was previously linked with Sir Run Run in rumours after they were spotted going to see a movie together, she was still very polite at the event and openly greeted Sir Run Run's partner Ms Fong. Afterwards, she said: "Thank you to TVB, if not I would not have stayed in this industry for so long."

With recent complaints that the parking at TVB City is too expensive, Managing Director Mr Ho said: "If you find it expensive, then you can just not park there. The company has a free shuttle bus for employees and any complaints can be addressed through the correct channels and not through a third party." He also reveals that this year's profits have not been satisfactory, so there is little likelihood of bonuses for anyone.


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