Wednesday, November 12, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

There have been reports recently that Ada Choi has been dating mainland martial arts star Zhang Jin, which Ada has neither admitted nor denied, making a change from her stance in the past. Is this to protect a budding love affair? When she was spotted in TV City yesterday, she was immediately congratulated on her romance, but she replied a little awkwardly: "Thank you for your concern, but no matter what the reports are, I don't intend to respond otherwise things will just get worse and I can't control their pens."

In any case, having a date is a good thing and the viewers are happy for her, but she just wishes to have some personal space and doesn't want to discuss her love life. Ada says that she has not been evading her friend because of this news and she has nothing to explain. She says she was simply having dinner with Catherine Hung and her assistant when a reporter suddenly appeared who startled her assistant, but she could only keep smiling to prevent the photographs showing her looking angry.

Is it because admitting to a love affair will cause problems, so she is not admitting it this time? Ada says: "Positive news now will become negative news later, and then negative will just keep getting worse. As it is not something congratulatory, then I don't want to talk about it. At the moment I am concentrating on my work and later I will be filming with Dayo Wong in a series and also a film with Tse Kwan Ho, together with my ads, I will be very busy so I will think about these things when I finish my work."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Gallen Lo appeared at an awards ceremony earlier with Natalis Chan, Anthony Wong and the Shui sisters, where Gallen was a presentation guest, giving out the awards for the best Male and Female awards. Talking of the new TVB Calendar that shows that Roger Kwok has taken the number 1 January spot, Gallen says: "Congratulations to him, he deserves it!" He reveals that TVB had asked him to take part in "Sai Chu Ba Wong", but he has declined because of timings. He will be heading out to Beijing at the end of the month to film for a martial arts series and next year, he will be making a film with Chan Muk Sing as well as more series, so his schedule is already quite full. Despite working in Beijing, his wife will be visiting him but in order to see his wife and son every day, he intends to buy a video mobile phone so they can see and talk to each other. He will also be learning how to email so he can stay in contact with his family.

Nat Chan says that he will be an MC at the TVB anniversary show and will be appearing in a dance routine with seven beauties including Flora Chan, Nnadia Chan, Gigi Lai, Bernice Liu and Joyce Tang. When it was mentioned that TVB is 'looking after him' with so many female partners, he laughs: "I am the only handsome guy in the company, they wouldn't exactly go looking for Adam from the last generation!"


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