Tuesday, November 25, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Sammul Chan has been busy filming for TVB's "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" recently and it has been a month since he last saw his father. He even missed his aunt's 60th birthday celebration earlier and suffering the disapproval from his elders, he feels that this cannot be helped.

Attending a film premiere, Sammul said helplessly: "They were playing secrecy beforehand and wouldn't tell me it was my aunt's birthday and I thought it was just a normal meal so I didn't take the time off. When my aunt rang me that night to scold me and also my other aunt who had returned from America who called me by my real name Chan Yan Yiu because she had bought a lot of my photos and wanted me to autograph them for her, but couldn't find me. Maybe she was afraid she would lose face when she returned to America so she scolded me really hard." After this, he has been rearranging his schedule to try and spend some time with his family this week and settle the waves.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Nnadia Chan has re-emerged recently and after eight years of retirement from the Children's Song arena, she has returned with the title song to the classic cartoon series "Old Master Q" (Lo Fu Tze). She has been filming the music video at the peak, but there was almost an accident during this. Nnadia is playing a magician in the video and the director had prepared an air mattress for the filming and when she tried her position on the mattress, she tripped and fell backwards onto the mat, twisting her leg in the process. The crew were so afraid they immediately stepped forward to help her up. The cartoon series is currently airing on TVB and China's CCTV and has been well received by the young viewers and the music video will be aired in both Hong Kong and China.

Nnadia says that it has been eight years since she filmed a children's music video, so she is feeling especially warm and happy about it. She laughs: "Singing children's songs again, it is starting off my interest again because children's songs make me very happy especially when the children join in with you, they all sing from the heart. I will continue singing them because when I hear the children call me 'Chung Chung Jer Jer' (Big sister Chung Chung) it makes me very happy!"

In the video, Nnadia will be performing some simple magic tricks and it turns out that whilst singing children's songs in the past, she had learned magic from a teacher to entertain the children. She says: "Although I am not very good, I still have another skill and I still have a lot of magic props at home." Also during filming, when she wasn't needed on set, she was playing with the latest trend of 2-way watch communicators with other people who were using the watches on the Peak joining in with the fun.


[Oriental Daily]

Joe Ma's workload has increased greatly after his series "Triumph in the Skies" and he admits that as well as taking part in Kelly Chen's music special, he has also taken on a lot of hosting and advertising jobs. The best thing is that his sponsors have offered to make a record for him to let him fulfil this ambition. When asked whether he is interested in becoming a singer, Joe laughs: "No, not really, my main talent is in acting and this venture into the music industry with two songs is just for fun." Talking of his trip to Malaysia in December, has this year become one with a good income for him? He says: "A little." However he admits that as well as additional advertising contracts, the ones that weren't confirmed from before have all approached him. When asked if he will be raising his fee, he says: "No, I won't do that. I charge a reasonable fee."

As for his character in "Triumph" losing his temper and pushing the cake to he ground, Joe says that in real life, his EQ (Emotional Quotient) is quite high. He remembers when he was in the police, he was met with someone chasing him and shouting at him through three streets and he just took it silently. Also there was the time when a female traffic warden was beaten because she gave someone a ticket and he was called to assist.


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