Wednesday, November 05, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Sammul Chan earlier visited Holland to make a guest appearance in the Miss Chinese International Benelux contest and as well as responsible for leading the contestants onto stage, he also sang five songs. Recently, Sammul has had to shave his head to film for "My Master is Wong Fei Hung". As the show took place inside a casino, Sammul had originally planned to avoid the gamblers from seeing his bald head by wearing a hat, however the casino rules prevented guests from entering wearing any head gear, so he had to awkwardly slip in with his shaven head, luckily no-one minded.

When asked whether he had any romantic encounters on this trip, he said that he only stayed for a few days and not only did he not have any romantic encounters, he didn't even have a chance to soak in the sights. However, one thing made him very happy was that many of the locals recognised him and started calling him by his English name from "Survivor's Law" (Vincent).


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