Friday, November 21, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Sammul Chan and Myolie Wu were once rumoured to be lovers but yesterday they appeared at an event for Po Leung Kuk and as they played games together, Sammul seemed a little clumsy and caused a few laughs. In fact it turned out that he was a master of gift-wrapping and he laughs that he plans to publish a book next year that teaches how to wrap presents.

Usually wrapping presents is a skill mastered by women, so how come a grown man like Sammul is such an expert? He explains that his home is full of women like his mother and his sisters. His mum is a master of flower arrangement and since he was young he has picked up a lot of handicraft skills from her. So does that mean he is very good at making girls happy? He laughs that may the case, but he will rarely do things like this and usually it is the girls who do it to make him happy. Once when he was at school, he went into the classroom to find that there were a dozen fancy cakes on his seat and it turns out they were from a secret admirer and this made him very happy.

Myolie has been working hard in rehearsals for her stage show and although she has learned her lines thoroughly, this is still her first time so it is expected that she is a little nervous. However, everything has gone quite smoothly and after series of performances, she had originally planned to go to Italy with her boyfriend, but because she has to film for TVB, she will probably have to cancel.


[Oriental Daily]

Myolie Wu had originally planned to spend Christmas abroad with her mixed race boyfriend, with his home in Italy in mind, however she will have to perform in her musical this year and then start filming TVB's new series so she does not have any time for a vacation. Myolie is a little disappointed, as she reveals: "The first time I went to Italy was when I was filming "Triumph in the Skies", but I went with a big band of cast and crew and not with my boyfriend, but it was a lot of fun!"

Myolie says she is not worried about her boyfriend being upset at her not being able to spend the festival with him as she says: "Actually I daren't talk to him about it because I feel really bad for him, but there's nothing we can do because now is the time to really push at my work."

Although she can't make the trip, Myolie won't be making it up with a present: "I won't buy anything, in the past we would always buy things for each other at holidays and anniversaries and it was very expensive, but we may not like it. Like this year, he gave me some AV equipment for my birthday and these are guy things that I don't like, so it's like he is buying it for himself really. I was really mad, so we have agreed not to buy presents for each other any more."


[Oriental Daily]

Maggie Cheung has sparked off some controversy after gaining the award for Favourite Female Lead at this year's TVB awards as her excitement has got the better of her causing her to upset most of the other female leads in the process. After her behaviour on the night upset the fans of Jessica Hsuan and Charmaine Sheh, her remarks afterwards have also caused the outrage of Kenix Kwok's fans. As the union of Kenix fans voice their anger on the internet, they have raised the support of Jessica's fans as well leading to Maggie's gain in the award losing her the respect of many viewers.

Yesterday (Nov 21st) was Kenix Kwok's birthday and on her website, as well as messages from fans wishing her a happy birthday, there were also many who were supporting her. Among them, one fan who referred to herself as 'Hsuan Huen' voicing her disgust at Maggie's attitude and pointing out that when Kenix was taking the lead, Maggie was still a supporting actress and was the series of 'Detective Investigation Files' not a representative role? This fan also did not understand why there have never been any problems with the awards in the past, but this year has had so much trouble, suggesting that Maggie should reflect on this.

Birthday girl Kenix was interviewed on the telephone yesterday and she says that she will not be angry about it because she believes that justice is in the heart. She says: "Maybe she (Maggie) has little experience of getting awards and this made her rather excited and nervous and caused her to say this. It's not up to her whether I have a representative work, the fans themselves know and I feel much happier that I have so many fans supporting me than if I was to receive any award."

Kenix hopes that even though Maggie has received the award this time, she should not smother all the other people who have worked hard, otherwise she will lose a lot of respect over an award. Kenix says: "It's like playing Mah Jong, someone will win and someone will lose. If you have no gaming spirit, then no-one will play with you again." Kenix has had the experience of being in showbiz for many years and has been working hard all along with very little negative press. She will not change this direction in her life because she just wants the viewers to enjoy her hard work, whether or not she gets an award is not important at all.


[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB Pearl will be airing 'Sprited Away' next month and a promotional event was held for it where two teams of artistes held a contest where there emerged double winners. Cerina de Graca has been filming for TVB's "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" and she has not yet bought a present for her niece's one month old celebration. (Joan Tong and Ben Ng's daughter) She says: "My niece already has all sorts of presents such as toys, gold and clothes, so I think I will give her some investments. I used to study business administration and as long as I buy some safe shares, then they should rise as she grows up and this would be a very meaningful present." She also says that she will be heading into the mainland to film on location in December, but the weather will be quite cold then and as she is very afraid of the cold, she will be taking some warm coats with her as well as a lot of heat packs.

Also, Sharon Chan and Cerina became good friends whilst filming "Better Halves" and with Sharon winning a prize of $36,000 in the anniversary, she will be taking Cerina for a meal and adds that this money will help her to pay her tax bills!


[Ta Kung Pao]

The Wai Yin Women's Society held a press conference for their charity day in the New Territories that will be held on 29th of November and revealed the string of events that will be taking place. Anne Heung and Monica Chan took part as senior members and Anne said that when she was at school, there were charity events selling flags, but she never took part because she was afraid she would be unsuccessful and people would ignore her. However, she says she must take part in this event, even if people ignore her she will still support it.

Talking of the earlier pictures and reports revealing her out with her new boyfriend and revealing his background, Anne says with an air of resignation: "Dating is between the two of us, I don't think I need to explain about my boyfriend's background. As my boyfriend is not in the public eye, then I hope everyone will not intrude on him and wish that you can let this drop." She adds that as he works closely with showbiz circles, he understands the needs of those working in media.

Since dating, has Anne met her boyfriend's parents? Anne says: "We have met. (Have you understood his family background?) I did not choose him because of his family background, I feel that as long as we get on then that is all that matters."


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