Thursday, November 06, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Nancy Sit has just returned to Hong Kong from Singapore, where she spent ten days doing live broadcasts for a radio show from the various shopping malls as well as meeting lookalikes from the members of the public. The organisers had arranged two bodyguards for her but because everywhere she went there was a huge crowd, the number of security officers was soon upped to over twenty. Even female officers were employed to help Nancy out when she went to the toilet.

Nancy also reveals she had a romantic encounter on her trip as she met up with an old admirer who she has known for over thirty years, unfortunately he was unsuccessful. Although he now has a family of his own, he brought his wife along to meet Nancy and as she looked a little like Nancy, it was obvious how devoted he must have been to her.

As for missing filming for TVB's "Virtues of Harmony" for this trip and whether she would be worried she would have the same treatment as Michael and Bondy upon her return, Nancy says she is not worried, because her trip was also working for TVB as the station she was visiting buys in a lot of TVB's serials.


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