Monday, November 10, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao /Ming Pao]

Marco Ngai, Wong He and Eddie Kwan will be working together with Miss Hong Kong winners Mandy Cho, Priscilla Chik and Selena Lee for a performance in the anniversary celebration entitled "Cast and Crew Working Together" where the three girls will be on wires flying around in the air and the men have to co-ordinate with them on the ground.

Often, wirework will be very painful in the pelvic area, but as well as feeling the pain, Mandy Cho is also finds it great fun, because she feels like she is really flying. As for whether she is afraid when she is dancing in the air, she smiles: "After entering Miss Hong Kong, I have overcome my fear of heights."

Marco Ngai admits that there will be a lot of physical contact in his partnership with Priscilla Chik and praises the three girls saying: "Usually when girls have to hang from wires, they are in so much pain that they will cry, but they are really good and although the gravitational pull on them is very high in this performance, they were okay in their first attempt and after a whole day, they did not make anything of it. That's quite a feat, it's not easy to be Miss Hong Kong." He also mentioned that he has mentioned the performance to his girlfriend Joyce Tang and even invited her to come and watch the rehearsals to prevent any misunderstanding.

With Wong He only making one series a year for TVB and with last year's offering "Doomed to Oblivion" being doomed to remain in TVB storage and not being aired, Ah He is not in with a chance for an award at this year's anniversary and is only involved with the performance. However he is not disappointed as he says: "I have heard that 'Doomed to Oblivion' will never be aired now, but I am not disappointed because even Gallen Lo has series that have been left in the warehouse. (Do you know why they are not airing it?) Maybe the story is too sad and Hong Kong society at the moment is not suited to this type of series, I hope that with a rise in the economy, it may see the light of day again! Will I be choosing my script? I don't choose my scripts, I don't create gossip and I don't try to fight for anything, I just come in and do a job."

As for whether he will be increasing his output, Wong He laughs that this will depend on whether TVB will sign more shows with him. In truth, he would like to save some time to do other things, but is he not worried this will affect his income? He laughs that life is really very simple, as long as you are warm and fed, then you should be happy.

Next January, Wong He will begin filming TVB's new series "Shui Wu Mo Gan Do" (Water Margin Infernal Affairs) where he plays a police officer who is the reincarnation of one of the heroes Lin Chung and Julian Cheung will be playing the reincarnated Wu Song. As for Wu Dalang, he will be played by a mystery artiste and Gigi Lai will be playing Pan Jinlian.


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