Saturday, November 01, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Maggie Cheung has changed her image quite drastically recently and gone from short hair to a long longs as well as representing hair products. The advertising company has offered a seven figure sum production fee to create a perfect haircare commercial. Having had short hair all along, Maggie's childhood wish was to have long hair but because her hair type wasn't suitable and her roles in series have needed various hairstyles, this has made her hair very brittle. Thus whenever she has her hair to her shoulders, she will have split ends and this will put an end to her wish. After becoming spokesperson for this product, she has not only received a hefty fee for her work, the product has also improved the condition of her hair, achieving two goals in one.

Maggie says that making ads is very different to making series because in the ad, she has no co-stars and it is all down to her sole performance, so the emotion needs to be controlled. Also, each move and line needs to be presented using different methods of expression in order to find the shot with the best effect. However, despite the shoot having taken a long time, when she sees herself looking so pretty through the camera, Maggie smiles that it is worth the hard work.


[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB held another anniversary promotional event in a shopping mall yesterday with the appearance of cast members from "Point of No Return" (Sai Kwan Dai Siu) including Charmaine Sheh, Sammul Chan, Belinda Hamnett, Gregory Lee and Kevin Cheng, who played games and gave prizes away to the audience in a warm atmosphere.

Charmaine appeared wearing a miniskirt and asymmetric top, but she overlooked the fact that one of the games included a ride in a sedan chair and if she had known she would not have worn such a short skirt. She says she will find out beforehand about the games next time. As for why Julian Cheung was not present, Charmaine says that he is currently filming in the mainland and he could not make it back because of transport problems.

As for the visit of China's first taikonaut bringing up the spirits of the Hong Kong people, Charmaine has seen the reports and hopes that she can visit the space capsule. She says: "This is the pride of the Chinese people and proves that what the foreigners can do, we Chinese can also do it."

Also, talking of her outfit for the anniversary celebrations, Charmaine has been busy filming and had little time to go shopping, so she has decided to have a dress made. As for TVB's arrangement with sponsors for some diamond accessories, Charmaine says she has not seen these accessories yet, but she hopes that they will be very pretty and sparkly.

Belinda Hamnett has been photographed together with a man and a child recently and it has been suggested she is living with her boyfriend. When asked to confirm this yesterday, Belinda says that she does not even know the people in the photo, apart from the child who is her nephew as she had just been to celebrate his birthday with her brother and his family. Belinda laughs: "I don't know that man and I am not co-habiting with anyone, that is because I don't even have a boyfriend at the moment."

Also, Sammul Chan has been filming recently for "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" and in order to keep his hairpiece steady, he has left a small patch of hair at the back of his head and also had a small light blue crucifix dyed into the hair that is very eye-catching. Talking of his appearance in both of the anniversary productions and the current success of "Triumph in the Skies", he says happily: "A lot of my friends are also supporting me, so I am guessing that this weeks rating should be above thirty points, it is an anniversary series after all!" Also, this year has proved a rewarding one for him because in the awards ceremony, he has been nominated for five out of the eight awards. He would most like to gain the award for "Best Partnership" award with his co-stars from "Survivor's Law".

[Additional from Oriental Daily]

Also, Gregory Lee was asked about the suggestion that his father and brother would be 'looking after' girlfriend Shirley Yeung in her new production so that she was not picked on. He says: "You expect to have teasing when you start dating! (So with your dad and brother looking after her, you are happy she will not be bullied?) I don't know what happened, but I have said to Shirley that if she is being bullied, then just treat it as an experience." Is Gregory worried that his popularity is not as great as his girlfriend and he has to face accusations that he needs to borrow her fame to promote himself. He sighs that his girlfriend will comfort him back and make him work even harder.


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