Sunday, November 23, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Kingdom Yuen was one of the lucky winners of a $36,000 cash prize at the TVB anniversary celebrations and together with "Virtues of Harmony" colleague Bernice Liu who won a car, they have decided to take their colleagues out for a big meal. Kingdom says: "Although it was a big prize, it is a windfall and so I will be giving some to charity and to the meal, so I might end up being out of pocket!" She says that winning the draw will bring good luck to her, just like many years ago when she won a prize draw at a Spring celebration and then made a lot of shows afterwards. As for the lucky packet this time, she immediately signed an advertising contract afterwards and she hopes that this good luck will continue.

Also, Kingdom feels that the market is starting to wake up, so next year she will be investing in business and opening a restaurant. It turns out that she has always wanted to enter the food industry, but the time is only right now. As for what type of cuisine, she will talk about it later.


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