Sunday, November 16, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Jessica Hsuan and Evergreen Mak were making a new set of TV advertisements for their endorsed health food products yesterday and when asked how much she was being paid, Jessica says that she has not been paid this time. It turns out that when they signed the contract, the fee was paid all at once and included their salary for the different sets of promotional shoots and TV ads and she has already received her fee. When Jessica was asked how many figures this sum came to, she says that she never discloses the amount she gets paid for her ads, but she did say that this time it was the highest figure she has ever received and is a new record for her advertisement fees.

There were some reports yesterday that some of the stars taking part in TVB's anniversary catwalk show were complaining about the lack of rehearsal time and worried about this affecting their performance. When Jessica, who has a part in this show, was asked about this, she said: "They haven't called me in for rehearsals yet, but I think for this show, as long as you know where the positions are, then you don't need any special rehearsal and a few minutes is fine."

Also when Jessica was asked whether she had prepared her outfit for the anniversary, she said: "I asked my aunt to buy an outfit for me from America six months ago, it is the same every year and this way it is unlikely that I will clash with anyone. Anyway, I don't mind if I clash outfits with anyone, it happened at a ball when I was studying when I was dressed the same as a friend. As it is the person wearing the outfit and not the outfit wearing the person, then each person will have their own individual expression in the outfit."

Evergreen, who has a son and a daughter laughed that making the ad was to earn some money to pay for their schooling. He says: "My daughter will soon be four years old and my son is one. Making this ad isn't very hard work and I can work with my good friend and partner Jessica so I decided to take it and add to the pot of school fees."

Recently there have been reports of an illness spreading through schools affecting schoolchildren and making them sick and lessons have been cancelled as a result. Evergreen says that he is not worried about this affecting his daughter, but is more worried about her not wanting to go to school. He says: "My daughter's school is very hygienic and they have to check their temperature every day, even the parents have to keep records so I am not too worried. I am more worried that she does not like going to school, but she is very obedient when she is at school."


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