Wednesday, November 12, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

Great partners Kenix Kwok and Michael Tao were filming on the seafront in Wanchai earlier for TVB's new series "Ching Chu Yu Nam" in a passionate kissing scene. During filming, the director asked them to repeat it five times for the different camera angles. Although there were many people watching them kiss, Kenix and Michael were both very professional about it and not only were they not embarrassed, they discussed how they would film the scene and what the best way of handling the shot would be.

Kenix reveals that they had worked together seven years ago on "Detective Investigation Files" in a kissing scene but at the time it was just a peck compared to the passionate kiss this time. When asked whether they had any preparation for the scene, she says that she has been keeping her breath fresh with chewing gum; Michael however did not do any preparation but in respect for the other person, he will stop smoking before any close scenes.

As Kenix has a good boyfriend in Frankie Lam and Michael already has a wife, they were asked if they needed to let their other halves know in advance. Michael replied directly: "This is part of my job and she understands and I have filmed Category Three films before, so in comparison, kissing is nothing!" Kenix says she has told Frankie about it but she didn't explain how 'deep' the scene would be so she will be reporting the incident when she finishes work.


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