Tuesday, November 18, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

As it is fashionable to upgrade oneself, Steven Ma who has only a high school diploma has applied to start a distance learning universiry course next year and is currently looking at prospectuses. When asked why he wants to study again suddenly, he says that some of his seniors have criticised him for being poorly educated and suggested that he should study more whilst he is still young. Steven says: "In reality I find I am spending a lot of time on the internet every day and I should be able to put this time to better use in studying instead." Steven plans to study philosophy, buddhist studies, jadeology, Chinese history and social service. He says: "My biggest problem is my English is not very good, so I am choosing some Chinese subjects. (Why don't you just study English?) Because I have a female colleague who is very good at English and she can teach me."

Also, Steven once co-starred with Evon Yung in a telemovie five years ago and although he does not know her very well, he still wishes her the best for her forthcoming marriage.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Kelly Chen was filming her music special yesterday in Stanley and her guest male lead is Joe Ma. Whilst filming, Joe was nearly knocked over by a car, but luckily he was in no danger. Filming a meeting scene, Joe was talking to Kelly as they walked along the road and because he wasn't paying attention, he was nearly knocked over. He says that he had his back to the road so he wasn't frightened at the time, but Kelly was facing the road and saw the car coming towards them and was petrified.


[The Sun]

With a fragile disposition, Leila Tong returned to Hong Kong from filming "Double Dragon of the Tang" yesterday to see a doctor after developing an acute illness. When she was sighted visiting the doctor yesterday wearing glasses and looking pallid and asked what the matter was, she replied: "Nothing, just a blood test!" When her family saw the press, they immediately shielded her away. Later, Leila's manager responded to the telephone saying: "Leila has a touch of flu so she has to see the doctor and she has a slight nasal infection, nothing major. (But she had a blood test?) It was just a check up!"


[The Sun]

Shirley Yeung has recently made her first nightwear advertisement, changing into twenty sets of clothes and having to hug Carlo Ng as they played a loving couple. In exchange, she received a six figure fee and a big bag of lingerie from the boss.

Favourite to win the TVB anniversary's 'Most Improved' award, Shirley made the ads for a Chinese clothing firm and had to change into twenty outfits due to the time constraints. With some of the clothes being strappy short dresses and tops, she changed her usual look for a sexy, but healthy image in the ads. During filming, she had to play a happy couple alongside Carlo Ng and in one scene, she had to hug him from behind, but the two couldn't help laughing and led to a few NG's. Afterwards, Carlo laughed: "Last year in Beijing we had to face each other for a month, of course I am interestes in her, but I wasn't as quick as someone else (Gregory Lee)!"

After filming, the boss brough a big bag of lingerie items and a her six-figure fee for Shirley and when asked whether she would take advantage of this and make a lingerie ad? She says: "It would depend on the advertisement format. If it was for tube top styles that are not too sexy, then I will consider it. (What if you filmed with your boyfriend?) We'll see. I won't intentionally look for it." Shirley says she has told Gregory in advance about this ad. As for the boss, Mr Ho, he says that he likes Shirley's healthy image, so that is why he chose her for the ad.


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