Tuesday, November 25, 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

After revealing her relationship and reports emerging that her boyfriend has many female partners and owes people money, Anne Heung, who was filming early yesterday with Wayne Lai for TVB's "The Golden Egg of Ap Liu" responds to reporters questions about the incident with the words: "I will not talk about my personal life."

She says she will not be affected by the reports, but she does not want to talk about her private life and just wants to concentrate on her work. As for whether her boyfriend is unhappy about the reports, she shook her head and refused to respond. Is she worried that the revelations will continue to appear? She shrugs her shoulders and says: "I will just work hard at my job and not take any notice of anything else, please can you give me some personal space? (Do you mind about your boyfriend's history?) Everyone has a past and I am not only aware of what he has done in the past, I have also told him about my past, because the most important thing in a relationship is to be open and honest. If we can tell each other about our past, then i don't feel there is a problem. (Do you regret revealing your relationship?) Not at all, because dating is a very normal thing and my mood has not been affected."

Filming on location in the streets for 'Ap Liu', there was quite a crowd that was attracted and for the safety of the public, the crew had to send people away. Anne seemed to have a croaky voice and she explained that she only finished work at 3am the night before and had to start work at 6am so she has not had enough rest. Also the scene has her arguing with Wayne and with them arguing every time she sees him, this has given her a sore throat.


[The Sun]

Anne Heung, Wayne Lai and Lee Ka Ding were filming in Sham Shui Po yesterday for "Golden Egg of Ap Liu" and maybe it was the attraction of a Miss Hong Kong that drew a crowd of around 50 people with many uncles and housewifes risking their lives to watch by standing in the road. At one point a police car passed by to instruct the crowd to return to the pavement.

This series takes Ap Liu Street as a backdrop and despite this being a rough area, Anne has not been subjected to any trouble as she laughs: "There are a lot of people around here and we have tried filming in secret, it was quite funny! However the locals are all very orderly and haven't made any moves."


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