Monday, November 24, 2003

[The Sun]

With the ever changing fashion industry, many historical designer labels have undergone some big changes to attract their clientelle and Celine's range for Spring/Summer 2004 has been revealed as largely using many floral patterns that are full of eyecatching colours that are both feminine and fashionable, also bringing a touch of vitality to wash away the more traditional image and increase attractiveness.

At this year's TVB sales presentation, Kenix Kwok wore an advance preview of Celine's new styles and together with her own crystal necklaces, was very eyecatching. Kenix says: "I do buy Celine, but usually just their accessories. However their clothes this year are very colourful and attractive with plenty of summer feeling but still full of female charm and style." As the design is yet to be launched, the price of the outfit is yet to be announced, but as Kenix is their spokesperson, she was given the dress in advance.


[Combined summary from Oriental Daily, Ta Kung Pao and The Sun]

After giving birth to son Lam Bo in September, Lily Hong has been working hard with husband Jerry Lam (Ah Lo) to regain her figure and after a month of hard work, the couple appeared as spokespersons for their sponsoring slimming company yesterday to show off their results. Lily appeared in a revealing sating Gucci dress and announced confidently that she was now very pleased with her figure and is not worried about having another child.

However, Lily tells of how she felt terrible after gaining weight to give birth and being inexperienced at looking after the baby, she developed post-natal depression when she saw her baby being sick and looking like the child from 'The Exorcist'. This caused her to cry uncontrollably, but with the care she received from Ah Lo, she has now fully recovered. Lily also tells of how her husband has bought her a lot of presents since giving birth such as the diamond cross necklace she was wearing that was her birthday present. As she told of how grateful Ah Lo has been to her for carrying their child, she was so touched that she started crying again. Lily has plans to return to work and well be taking on more work from TVB as her family look after the baby.

As for Ah Lo, he was very concerned about his wife's sexy dress revealing more than she bargained for and kept a keen eye on her. He revealed that he had lost 16 lbs whilst accompanying his wife. He says that a brand of powdered milk has offered them an advertising contract but he does not want to change their lifestyle just for money and would rather turn them down.

Ah Lo has gone from 175 lb to 159 lb and Lily has lost 30 lbs from 140 lb to 110 lb. Ah Lo says he does not want his wife to lose any more because she is perfect now for her height and age. He laughs: "We still want to have more children, so we have to keep ourselves healthy. We have not taken any pills for this slimming programme." As for his advertising offers, he says he will leave this in the hands of his sister (Sandy Lam).


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