Sunday, November 23, 2003

[The Sun]

Roger Kwok and Flora Chan were filming for "Gak Sai Jui Hung" at TVB City yesterday and when asked about Maggie Cheung's recent controversy, Flora said: "Why don't you ask the person in question? (Are you glad that there was no gossip when you got the award last year?) I haven't thought about being glad or not, the most memorable thing was everyone coming up to congratulate me backstage."

As for Roger, he says: "I don't think it was really like that. (With no such news about the male role award, does this prove you truly deserved it?) Possibly." With Chilam Cheung's open criticism of TVB's 'rules', Roger believes this is beyond the control of an artiste. Also when Jessica Hsuan was interviewed by a radio station yesterday, she revealed that she had only worked with Maggie twice so she didn't really know her very well. She says: "I didn't get the award this year, but I am pleased with my own success."


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

After Roger Kwok's recent success, he has been busy with many bookings for advertisements and openings, recently heading up to Panyu with 'lo por jai' Jessica Hsuan for a store opening to the huge welcome from the local fans. Roger reveals that they spent two hours there taking photos with the fans and when asked whether he has raised his fee, he says that there will be a suitable adjustment, but it won't be excessive.

Many viewers are hoping for 'Ah Wong' to be reprised and Roger himself hopes that he can make a sequel to "Square Pegs": "After filming 'Gak Sai' I will plan my work for next year, but I am confident that whenever Ah Wong reapppears, as long as his personality is still the same then he will bring a lot of happiness to viewers because they love his fidelity to his wife, his conscientious nature and his total honesty without fear of losing out."

In response to Chilam Cheung's comments about the rules on TVB awards and why "Point of No Return" has been entered this year despite only two weeks of airing, Roger says: "I don't know about these things, as artistes, we cannot control when a show is aired." As for the controversy surrounding favourite female lead Maggie Cheung, he says: "I don't really follow the reports, but I have heard people talk about it. I don't think it was really like that."


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