Wednesday, November 12, 2003

[The Sun]

Rain Lee has been busy filming for her TV series lately and yesterday took time out to celebrate her twentieth birthday with her management company. Although her manager Paco Wong presented her with a lucky packet for her birthday, but the reports of her stealing someone else's boyfriend dampened her spirits a little.

For her birthday, Rain's manager Paco arranged a small birthday party for her and as she was blowing out the candles on her cake she received a surprise greeting from Andy Hui. Rain thanked everyone by personally handing out the cake and as for birthday wishes, she said that she couldn't tell otherwise it won't come true.

As for other celebrations, Rain said: "I have been busy filming until this morning and haven't had time to celebrate, but a lot of friends have called and left messages. (Has Real Ting called you?) My battery is low on my phone so I haven't had a chance to read or listen to my messages yet." When asked whether Raymond Lam has called her, she says he is busy filming in China, but their friendship is in the heart.

With reports that Real's girlfriend Zoe has been crying and accusing her of stealing her boyfriend, Rain says that they are just friends and she is not aware of what his relationship is with her.


[The Sun]

Hacken Lee and Jessica Hsuan were filming for a music special in Stanley yesterday together with Emme Wong and with suggestions that many singers are offering to make music specials to increase their chances of winning an award at the end of the year, Hacken, who has been waiting 18 years for an award, laughs: "It's not that easy! You don't get awards just for filming!"

Not having worked together for nearly ten years, Jessica and Hacken immediately hit it off and couldn't stop talking. Jessica says: "We haven't aged! We have both bought houses and we are neighbours, it is being decorated at the moment. (Have you been to Hacken's to check out the decor?) I have seen it before, Liza (Wang) also lives nearby and has given me suggestions." Jessica will soon be filming a romantic series with Joe Ma and five children and she says: "We did some screen tests with them before and Joe and I ended up worse than them, not even able to remember three lines. It was so embarrassing!" With indications that her votes for this years awards are the highest along with Roger Kwok, she says: "I'm not nervous, (Gallen will be presenting the female lead award?) I hope so, if he presents it to me I would be especially happy."


Rabee'a Yeung appeared at a Miss World function in a low cut dress yesterday, finally winning back some attention from the media and regaining the focus as the host representative!

She says she has got to know Miss China and Miss Singapore very well, but she is yet to know more and hopes she will make more friends with the other contestants.


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