Sunday, November 09, 2003

[The Sun]

Cast members of "Rainbow Bridge" including Myolie Wu, Rain Li, Sharon Chan and Tse Kwan Ho all arrived at Victoria Park yesterday for a Catwalk scene and as yesterday was a Sunday, many of the foreign maids were spending their day off in the park, they were soon attracted to watch the filming. The story told of how the group finished their catwalk run and then had a crazy celebration and it was seen that Myolie got so excited that she grabbed a few of the foreign maids and started to dance with them, creating a lively atmosphere! Many of the maids seemed to like Myolie and continuously called her over to have photos taken with her.

Also, Rain Li was dancing around on stage in a red miniskirt, but she wasn't afraid of revealing anything because she had something on underneath. Although there have been rumours that Myolie and Rain have not been getting along, it wasn't apparent yesterday and they seemed to be chatting and laughing together. Rain Li said: "There was nothing between us all along!" As for Tse Kwan Ho, he admitted that everyone had been discussing the plot with the producer as he said: "We have discussed the script in some detail, but nothing has been changed."


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