Friday, November 28, 2003

[The Sun]

Angela Tong has been recruited fora six-figure sum to act as spokesperson for a brand of monitor and she appeared in an internet cafe to film a series of TV and still ads yesterday. Wearing a short dress that revealed much of her legs, Angela had to be especially careful whenever she sat down. This was the second time that she had made a TV advertisement and she was quite nervous as she said: "Filming TV ads concentrates the attention on myself and I get the chance to beautify myself. I wanted to have an early night last night, but I had to work, so I couldn't. I had to then get up at 6am for make up this morning. (Your skirt is really short!) It's okay, I will be very careful and will change back into some trousers if they are not filming a whole body shot."

Angela is very pleased with her fee and says: "The market isn't that good at the moment, so I daren't spend too much money. I need to save for a rainy day." When Angela was asked if she received a lifetime's supply of display screens, she said: "I haven't thought about that, because I use a laptop at home, but I will ask about it!"


[The Sun]

The 53rd Miss World will be crowned soon and Hong Kong's representative Rabee'a Yeung has an average ranking on the world authority Global Beauties site with odds of 34-1 against her making her a 'black horse'. In contrast, China's representative Guan Qi is in the favourite position above all the others.

The contest will be taking place on 6th December in Sanya, Hainan Island where 110 contestants will be arriving for filming and rehearsals on the beaches. As well as showing off their talents, the filming has begun as they are judged for the "Miss Beach Beauty" award. This was eventually won by Miss Ireland, with Hong Kong and China not even making the last ten.

There have been internet votes on the Global Beauties website recently where they have collected the votes from over ten different beauty contest sites and found that Miss China Guan Qi is at an advantage with her tall figure and host status. Up to yesterday, she led the votes above hot favourite Miss Norway. As for Hong Kong's Rabee'a Yeung, she is in the twenties with odds set at 34-1 to win in comparison with Guan Qi who is tipped at 13-1.

With Asian contestants often losing out on height, it is not difficult to understand why Rabeea's 5ft 4 figure is putting her with a disadvantage. However, fellow 2003 winner Mandy Cho is supportive and still believes she has a chance for an award: "Beauty contests are all about the performance on the night and different judges have different criteria for scoring, so you shouldn't put so much pressure on her." Even in the Miss Hong Kong contest, Rabee'a was not a favourite to win, and finally she came out with second place, so it is little wonder she is full of confidence for this contest.


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