Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Summary of items from TVB's Telemovies Launch

[Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily, The Sun]

As part of the Anniversary celebrations, TVB will be airing 13 of its recent telemovie productions and these were introduced at a press conference yesterday, where many of the cast members were present. Among them were the four favourites for the Female Lead Role award: Flora Chan, Kenix Kwok, Jessica Hsuan and Maggie Cheung. Despite the fierce competition, they all appeared very friendly to each other when they attended the event together. Despite recent reports of falling out with each other, Charmaine and Maggie Cheung were deep in conversation, although her good friend Sonija Kwok was absent through illness.

Despite taking the award last year, Flora Chan's chances of winning again this year are not very high as she says: "I know that with 'Triumph in the Skies' airing so late, I am at a disadvantage, but with the good reviews that this series is receiving and a breakthrough in my performance, I am already well rewarded and happy regardless of whether I win the award or not." As for whether she has chosen her outfit yet, she says not yet but she will find a sponsor. She adds: "I always wait until the last minute every year to choose an outfit so you don't need to worry about me. (Will it be very sexy?) I would like to try something a bit different, including sexy, but it will be a healthy look."

Anne Heung defended her co-star in telemovie "The Threat" Dave Wang who has disappeared since making the show. She says he is concentrating on his musical career and offeers no comments on the recent reports of him auctioning off clothes and guitars due to financial difficulties because she does not know him very well. She suggests that he may be auctioning items off for charity and indicates she has done this herself in the past. Anne is currently working on new series "Ap Liu Ha Dik Gum Dan" (Golden Egg of Ap Liu), where she plays a tomboy character and she says she will be taking in some real life experience at the request of her producer who suggested going to the markets to see what the real place is like. Anne will be visiting after the anniversary celebrations and in response to comments that she may not be able to handle the tough role with her normally fragile exterior, she says: "I'll manage it, I will just have to speak louder."

Charmaine's first telemovie with TVB was "The Final Shot" filmed two years ago, but her appearance has changed a lot since then and she daren't watch it. She says: "My hair was short and dyed red at the time, it was really funny." Charmaine wore a sexy dress at the sales presentation and stole the limelight, so she was asked whether her outfit for the anniversary will be even sexier. She says: "I have already had it made, but I don't know what the design will be and even if it is sexy, it will still have to fall within the boundaries of television standards. (Did you have it made because you didn't want to clash with anyone else's outfit?) No, it is because I don't have time to go and choose an outfit."

Despite being favourite to win the female lead award at the anniversary, Maggie Cheung is preparing herself for losing. She says that the award is down to destiny and as well as hard work, a lot of it is down to chance. You are not a failure if you don't win, the most important thing is not to lose to yourself. She did not comment on recent reports about slimming spokespersons exaggerating the fees they are receiving, but agrees with Shirley Cheung that many of the stars tend to overexaggerate the figures on their sponsorship deals to create publicity. Maggie says that the most important thing is not to bring down the values of artistes and she hopes that the magazines will not reveal her earnings.

Also, in order to ensure the smooth-running of the anniversary show, TVB normally stops filming on that day of all the other series, but this year's 'Palatial Sins' seems to be an exception as Maggie has to return to filming straight after the show and she does not seem very pleased about this. When asked whether this is as a result of TVB's recent clamping down on employee's working hours, Maggie says: "It shouldn't be, as it only affects the administrative staff and not artistes. I think that some of them do need to be taught a lesson and I am sure that the company will have some clarity in their disciplinary procedure."

Kenix Kwok is pleased that she has become one of the favourites for the award, but admits her competition is tough and as long as she has worked hard, then someone will appreciate it. She adds: "In any competition you do not know the result until the end. Sometimes the favourites will lose, even Beckham loses matches sometimes!" As for her feelings at the moment, she admits she is quite nervous.

As for the reports that she will be getting married next year and this would be even more perfect if she won the award this year, Kenix laughs: "Of course that would be the case, but if I don't get it I won't be disappointed." When it was mentioned about how much Frankie loves her and hopes she can spend her married days with a small business and not have to work so hard in filming, Kenix says: "In the past I did wish to have a small coffee bar, but later I found it was very restrictive and not as free as acting, so I will continue filming after I get married. Hard work? As long as I am interested, then I will not feel it. I still have a drive for my career, so even if I have kids in the future, I will still keep on working because I see David and Victoria Beckham as my role models."

Also, in a telephone interview on Nancy Sit's radio show yesterday, Frankie Lam was asked why he suddenly goes very docile when Kenix is around. Frankie says that many couples in the industry are like this when their partners are present and Bondy Chiu, Michael Tse and Louis Yuen are the same. Frankie indicates that he really likes children and has a plan for his own family. He is most worried about the children's education, but at the moment he is concentrating on working hard and making money so that Kenix can have a happy and comfortable life.


Point of No Return = 33 points
Virtues of Harmony & Triumph in the Skies = 32 points


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