Friday, November 21, 2003

[Sing Pao]

TVB's anniversary production "Point of No Return" has had some satisfactory ratings, achieving a high of 37 points last week and an average of 34 ratings points. To celebrate this, Julian (Chilam) Cheung and Charmaine Sheh joined a group of cast members at the wishing tree in Lam Tsuen yesterday to wish for good luck. Chilam wished for ratings to shoot to 100 points as Charmaine wished for her heart's desires as well as happiness and rising ratings. Although Charmaine is a lady, it took her just two throws to get her charm into the tree, whereas Chilam was much clumsier as the orange tied to his charm flew away in the process!

Chilam was missing at many of "Point"'s earlier promotional events, did he reappear because of the good ratings? Chilam says: "Yes, because I felt that the show was a sacrifice, just to celebrate the anniversary. (Were you disappointed it didn't win you any awards?) No, I just didn't understand the rules of the game. However, I am disappointed for Damian (Lau) because he gave such an animated performance and offered his experience to us juniors and this was very precious. Although we have worked together before in films, we spent more time together filming this series and I gained a lot from him. (Your performance was very good too.) Thank you, I learned a lot."

Wishing for 100 points, does that mean that the ratings are not good enough? Chilam laughs: "There is no way that you will reach 100 poins in Hong Kong, even Real Madrid only reached the half century. For the show to have this result airing it at this time it is already an achievement. Perhaps it would have been better if it had aired for three weeks before the anniversary instead of just two. And does this mean that we can be nominated again for next year's award?" There is a hint in his words suggesting that the other anniversary show "Triumph in the Skies" had awards because it had aired for three weeks, but "Point" got nothing with its two weeks. He adds: "Last year's anniversary show 'Take My Word For It' was mine as well and I think that it is a disadvantage to be an anniversary show because there is no chance of winning any awards. If 'Point' is lucky and breaks all the records, then what will happen? I guess it is an honour to be chosen as an anniversary production because it is a mark of quality and to be part of it is an award in itself as long as TVB is happy, then it doesn't matter. (Being in the anniversary show every year, are you TVB's lucky star?) Quite lucky maybe?"

When he spoke, Chilam seemed a little put out, did he really feel hard done by? He said: "No, I just didn't know how the game worked, at least I had 'Take My Word For It' on my side. I am just disappointed for Damian because he was really very good. (Have you watched Roger Kwok's "Square Pegs"?) I wasn't in Hong Kong at the time so I didn't watch it. (Do you want to be the favourite male lead?) I would rather take the Hong Kong Film Awards, but I do feel that Roger deserved the award. (When will you be making series again?) I need to finish my other work before I film TV series again, I am currently filming "Yik Shui Hon" in China. (Will you be putting up your fee?) No, my relationship with TVB is not about money, if they are happy then I am happy."


[Ta Kung Pao]

When Charmaine was asked whether she hopes to take the female lead award next year, she laughs: "I will try my best! (Do you feel you are not working hard enough?) Basically, I work hard every year, so many people feel that I should have got the award, but there was only one award, so how do you split it? I will keep on working hard next year."

As for the gossip that has arisen after Maggie Cheung took the award and rumours that the award was originally going to Kenix, Maggie ignoring Jessica and pulling faces at her, Charmaine replies diplomatically saying: "I have been busy filming recently and not read the papers, so I don't know what happened, but I am happy for Maggie, she really deserved it." She also says that whilst filming "Palatial Sins" with Maggie, she finds Maggie is very quiet and not one for gossip.

With Charmaine wishing for happiness, does this mean that she was unhappy this year? She laughs: "Actually I am a person who loves to laugh and my life has been very happy in the past, I hope that I can continue to be happy in the future."

Also, Charmaine will be heading to Beijing to film "Palatial Sins" next month and will stay for about a month. She will be taking a lot of winter coats, boots and diving gear to combat the cold weather. When asked whether her rumoured boyfriend will be visiting her, she laughs: "Let's see if he has the heart! (Where is he at the moment?) He should be on the earth somewhere, if he isn't in Taiwan, he will be in China. We are both busy working and don't keep in touch very much. (So does that mean he will not be spending Christmas with you?) I can't even spend it with my mum! I won't be lonely at all though, because I have a bunch of cast and crew to keep me company and I can have a white Christmas and not have to spend money on buying presents!"


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