Thursday, November 20, 2003

[Sing Pao]

TVB's anniversary celebrations ended last night in a happy and lively atmosphere as the awards were passed out to their recipients. However, after the fierce competition of the female lead role award, there have been rumours that before 6 o'clock on the evening, the award was going to Kenix Kwok, but this was changed to Maggie at the last minute.

In response to these report of fighting to the last minute, Maggie indicates that no-one knew until the very last minute who would win the award. She offers the example of past years when she won the award for best partnership and she was halfway through getting changed backstage when they announced the award so she had to toss her trousers over to a crew member as she rushed out onto the stage. When the results are announced, the only person who knows is the presentation guests and the MC's. As for Kenix wishing this award could be her wedding present, Maggie says: "Really! Maybe it is because she lacks a representative piece, maybe if she works harder she will have a chance!" Do you totally believe that the award is yours? She replies confidently: "Thank you! I also have to thank Kwong Wa because without him, Lui Sei Leung would not be so lively."

When Charmaine was interviewed after the five top nominees were announced, someone noticed that Maggie was pulling faces. She explains that she was not frowning, but she was just worried about what she would say if she won the award. She believes that everyone was very nervous at that point and Eric likes to poke fun at people so she had already given up and said that filming meant that she had to sacrifice dating time.

Charmaine is not commenting on Maggie's faces incident and said: "Let's not talk about these things. I didn't see it or hear it, so I won't believe it." Is she disappointed for not winning the award? Charmaine says she is not disappointed and will keep working hard. Maggie also encouraged Charmaine, saying that if she works harder, she will get an award. Charmaine responds saying: "That's good, let's hope it comes true!"

As for Jessica Hsuan receiving the "Best Partnership" award for 'Square Pegs' with Roger Kwok, she says: "The story didn't havea happy ending, but this award is the best ending for the show. (Wouldn't it be more perfect if you had won the female lead award as well?) Everyone wished to win, but Maggie deserved it! Why would I be disappointed? I have a partnership award, I am still young with plenty of chances!"

When asked about Maggie not hearing her congratulations, Jessica said understandingly: "Winning the award for the first time is very exciting and at such a happy time it is not surprising if she didn't hear me. Seeing such a scene makes me very happy for her."


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