Sunday, November 23, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Sammul Chan has been appearing as spokesperson for a health food product at a promotional event yesterday and shared different ways of utilising the product to maintain good health. Sammul was very tactful as he said that his fee was a bargain price and continued to promote the product's benefits. He also gave a performance on his flute and gave away presents to the audience as he laughed that he would attract many girls.

Sammul's target market for this product is the youth sector and there are over 40 different products to satisfy different needs. Sammul says that he has been taking this 'vitamin grass' for ailments such as nose allergies and he explains it is made from Chinese herbal recipes and can balance the body's functions. He also demonstrated his gift wrapping skills, making the items look very pretty and explained he will be publishing a book on gift wrapping next year to share some of his skills.

Sammul has a one year contract with his sponsors and laughst that he is doing this at a bargain price. He also gave a flute performance and played games with the audience, creating quite an atmosphere. After his rendition of "Somewhere in Time" on his flute, he said that as most of his fans were girls, they should find it very enticing, but he emphasised that learning to play flute was not to attract the girls and he has never played for anyone. Of course Myolie has never heard him play, but he does laugh that perhaps she can hear him whilst he is practicing at home. He has been learning now for four years and is preparing to show his talent on his album that is due out next year. He revals that his album will be recorded after he finishes filming "My Master is Wong Fei Hung" so he will be acting and singing at the same time.


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