Thursday, November 20, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Myolie Wu and Louisa So took part in a costume fitting for their new stage show "Hon Kong Diu Suet" (Fishing for Snow in the Wintry River), a production that follows the life of opera star Sit Gok Sin and his three loves in his life. Louisa and Myolie play his wife and mistress. The show will open at the beginning of December running for twenty shows.

Performing in a stage drama for the first time, Myolie admits that she is a little nervous, but being able to try work other than television, it is not a bad experience. Myolie will be displaying her singing voice in the show as she sings the revolutionary song "Mun Kong Hung" (The River is Red). She has earlier had a rehearsal from beginning to end and she feels that the show will be very entertaining, together with the song and dance routines it should be a hit with the audience.

Myolie says that when her family and friends found out she would be taking part, they have already asked her for tickets. Now that she has finished her filming at TVB and for the anniversary, she can concentrate on rehearsals. She will also invite her past producers and directors to watch it. When asked if she had any clumsy experiences with her first time on the stage, she says: "No mishaps, but I found that stage work is very different from television production because in TV the camera positioning and background music can help you out a lot, but on stage it depends a lot more on body language to attract the attention of the audience. (Are you worried about this?) I still have a lot to learn, but there are a lot of experienced actors here so I am not worried."

Producer Mrs To says that she cast Myolie because she wanted a very innocent girl and apart from Myolie there were few choices. She says that this is a great challenge for Myolie because she will have to play a character who is a third party in a relationship, but is not disliked by the audience and this will take some skill. Myolie says that she has little life experience, so to play a lady from another era and is also a singing girl, this is a great challenge to her acting ability.


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