Sunday, November 30, 2003

[Sing Pao]

Joyce Tang and Sunny Chan were filming yesterday for "Sum Ling Gai Tong" (Chicken Soup of the Soul) in Kowloon Tong and the scene they were filming was in a car. Joyce says that making this series has been a happy experience so far with the other artistes, but she reveals an embarrassing incident. With the weather recently becoming cooler, but her costume for location work being rather thin, she has been using 'warm plasters' to avoid the chill. She usually places these directly onto the skin, but as she had run out, she decided to go and get some more. When she bought a different brand, Joyce thought that these were also of the type that you attach to the skin, but it turned out that what she bought could not be directly attached to the body and she ended up burning herself. Sporting blisters in her abdominal area and back, she originally didn't realise that she had burned herself and ended up causing herself further injury by scratching, so now she has to take extra special care not to disturb the blisters any more. Joyce explains she has always been rather clumsy.

When reporters asked why her skin tones were looking rather pale lately and she has a lot of little spots on her face, she says that this is skin allergy because she is allergic to the perming lotion and she has always had quite sensitive skin, but she has been to see the doctor.

Also, Sunny Chan reevals that the Chiu Chow restaurant he has invested in will be opening on 27th, but they will begin trialling the business in the preceding weeks. He says that each room has been decorated in a different colour and uses names of emperors such as Qianlong. His girlfriend Ada To is currently preparing for a stage show where she has written the script and some songs, so she will be busy until January, after which they will be getting married. When asked whether or not they will be having children after their marriage, Sunny smiled quite happily and replied: "We should do, it's about the right time now and I don't have much expectations from my children apart from that they should be good people."


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