Sunday, November 16, 2003

[Sing Pao]

At the request of the Lhasa College Sports Arena, Roger Kwok was invited to take part yesterday in a family day for patients suffering from Down's Syndrome and guest Roger spent the day playing games with the children as children's TV hosts Cheung Kwok Keung and Tam Yuk Ying MC'ed the event. KK personally invited Roger to come along because his 'Ah Wong' character was very well received and displayed behaviour similar to that of a Down's sufferer.

When Roger arrived, there was a lot of enthusiasm as the children ran towards him to have their photos taken. Roger responded amicably and fulfilled all their requests. Roger says that he hopes he can take part in more of these charity events and influence more people into caring for the children. He says: "Now I have everyone's support, I should use my popularity and raise the profile of these worthwhile causes."

Roger earlier captured the attention of some grannies and now he has that of the children as well, with some of the children calling out his catchphrase "Go! Go! Go!" from his recent series "Not Just A Pretty Face". Roger says happily: "I am very happy that they support me and my fan base is growing wider and wider." Roger feels that the children are very innocent and they are very direct in their expression so he expected them to be very friendly towards him. It turns out that Roger has always donated money to charity and he feels that giving to a worthwhile cause is a good habit to have. He also welcomes any invitations from charities for him to appear at their events, but with his workload increasing due to his extra popularity, will he have the time to attend? He says: "I will try my best to take the time out." And Roger does not lie, because he was busy filming for new series "Gak Sai Jui Hung" overnight and when finishing work in the morning, he immediately attended this event before heading straight back to filming afterwards and a rehearsal for the anniversary.


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