Thursday, November 20, 2003

[Sing Pao]

After "War of the Genders" in 2000 breaking the ratings records, Dayo Wong's return to television is in the form of "Dung Duk San Tam" (Stand-up Sleuth). 'Supersleuth' Dayo will be partnered by insurance broker Ada Choi and also Marco Ngai, Auguste Kwan and Belinda Hamnett. Will this be another ratings legend for him?

Dayo appeared with his co-stars at the costume tryout for the show and was asked if his return after three years signifies a pay rise? Dayo says: "How boring! You ask about this all the time. I don't talk money with TVB, I talk sincerity, but the fee has gone up. (With the good results from 'War of Genders' last time, do you have any pressure this time?) This will be down to whether Ada can be better than Dodo. I haven't changed, so there is no pressure on me."

The 25-episode series will begin filming on 1st December and Dayo admits he is worried about his health because he has never played a lead role, only supporting in "Justice Sung" and only working 9 to 8 in "War of Genders", he holds an attitude of learning towards this experience. Dayo has stopped his work elsewhere, does that mean he will lose out on a lot of income? Dayo laughs: "Luckily I don't have much money to earn!" He also hopes there will be no rumours spread this time and laughs: "However, the gossip will still come and surround me. (Have you been warned by your girlfriend?) I will forget any warning if I am filming series. (Ada has someone already?) really? I will be the fifth party then!"

Ada is happy to be working with Dayo and says: "After watching the preview, I think it will be a good laugh, some mystery and a worth watching, moreover you have Dayo to help build the settings. (Dayo wonders whether you will be better than Dodo!) What? Tell brother Dayo not to play tricks on me, he overestimates me, how can I be compared with Dodo, she is irreplaceable, but everyone has their own attractiveness. (Dayo also says that rumours just fly towards him.) I wish they would fly towards me, but he is good looking, so any girl looking at him would feel faint after looking into his eyes, but if he was to be linked to me, it would have happened seven years ago. (Will your good friend come and visit you at work?) I have a lot of good friends. (Boyfriend?) Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and visit me. (Zhang Jin?) Your questions are very funny! (Just concerned about you!) Concerned about me and concerned about my friends, hahaha! (Is Zhang Jin in Hong Kong?) Why don't you ask his agent?"


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