Sunday, November 23, 2003

[Sing Pao]

After three years away from TVB, Sunny Chan has returned to his mother company and has started filming on new series "Sum Ling Gai Tong" (Chicken Soup of the Soul) with Joyce Tang on location in a noodle shop in Hung Hom that is famed for serving bull's organs. This restaurant is famous for serving the 'three treasures of a bull' including its reproductive organs and crunchy bones. This is supposed to be a delicacy for men, but Sunny seemed a bit put off by it all as he remarked it was quite disgusting!

Sunny and Joyce's first day of filming tells of psychiatrist Sunny is good friends with the noodle shop owner and is offered a bowl of 'good stuff'. At first Sunny does not know what it is, but when he is told about it by his rival, a Feng Shui expert who is played by Joyce, he is so disgusted that he spits it out. It appears that Sunny and Joyce are happy rivals in the show and there is a scene where Joyce hears a woman being assaulted in the toilet and mistakes Sunny to be a pervert, so the two are always counting each other's bad things hence the revelation that Joyce makes in this scene.

Seeing the sexual organs for the first time in his life, Sunny says that he finds it all quite disgusting and not only is he unwilling to try it, he doesn't even want to have his photo taken near it. Luckily the director is kind to him and replaces the item in his noodles with ligament instead to complete the filming, otherwise Sunny wouldn't know what to do. As for the tales that the bull's organs are good for male sexual health, Sunny says: "That's quite scary! (So how do you keep healthy?) Nothing special, just make vegetable broth! I have heard a Japanese professor who teaches a vegetable soup that has carrots, muli, winter mushroom and other vegetables that are good for health. Hong Kong people are well nourished anyway so they don't need to add extra health."

As for returning to TVB, Sunny feels that it is not much different from when he left three years ago, because he still recognises all his colleagues. He says: "That time was my happiest at TVB because I was successful and my family like watching TVB, especially my mum, so returning to TVB made my mum the happiest. (Will your mum be even happier if you get an award?) Yeah!"

Joyce Tang was also shaking her head and unwilling to try the organs. She has heard in the past that you can use them to make wine, but this is the first time she has seen them. When asked whether Marco Ngai has tried them, Joyce laughs: "You'll have to ask him, but I don't think he needs it, he is still young!"

[Note from Em: For those who read the Chinese article, yes I have tried to tone down the explicitness of this article for fear of upsetting our younger readers. For those who are interested, please drop me a message and I can go into more detail about the 'organs'..... *wink*]


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