Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Saga continues...
(and the press have another field day!)

[Ta Kung Pao]

With Kenix Kwok losing out to Maggie Cheung at the anniversary awards and then faced with suggestions that she does not have a representative role, it is unsurprising that Kenix's friends have stood out to defend her. Boyfriend Frankie Lam yesterday stood up for his girlfriend yesterday and said directly that one should not become conceited upon winning, this does not mean you are the best in the world because a lot of it is down to luck. He also praises his girlfriend for being punctual with her work and very professional, obviously targeting Maggie's habit of being late.

Frankie appeared with other cast members of 'Virtues of Harmony 2" including Bernice Liu, Kingdom Yuen, Louis Yuen and Cutie Mui at an event for the housing association employees and talking of Kenix's loss despite being the favourite, Frankie replied calmly: "Any contest or awards ceremony will have winners and losers, but winning does not mean you are the best and losing does not mean you are bad, there is also the element of luck. Of course I have spoken with Kenix about it and she understands this so has not been too disappointed because she has a lot of friends, family and fans who support her and she is happy for the award winner." As for the rumours that the award was originally going to Kenix but was changed at the last minute to go to Maggie, Frankie reckons this is just a rumour and with no-one coming out to prove it, then just let it drop. In every year's top five, four will lose out and the winner is the one with most luck. However this does not mean you are the best in the world, so you should not become conceited when you win, face it with a simple heart.

Frankie agrees with the phrase "Said without intention but heard with meaning" and he has pointed this out to Kenix, telling her that unless she heard it herself then she should face it maturely. If you return what is said with something else, then there will be gossip spread. In any case, he will support Kenix 100% because she has worked very hard and has got good ratings and will never be late for work. He says: "If I was the lead character and was always late, it would affect the other cast members. Kenix is not only serious about her work, she is very punctual and just from her professionalism alone, she is worthy of any award. It's just that some external factors caused her to lose, but in my heart, she has already won." Also, with some reports about Maggie trading with executives for the award, Frankie says he doesn't know so he won't comment.

Also, with Frankie and Kenix planning to marry next year, they have not been able to select a date yet because of work commitments. He would like to get married early next year, but if they can't make it then they will push it back until the end of the year, but it will not be in the middle of the year. When asked whether they had been approached by a lot of sponsors, Frankie laughs and admits there are, including outfitters, cake shops, Chinese wedding cake shops and restaurants but he has not been in contact with them properly yet.


[Oriental Daily]

With accusations of talking rubbish after achieving the award at the TVB anniversary, Maggie Cheung appears to have upset many of TVB's leading actresses. After Kenix's comments yesterday about Maggie's poor sportsmanship and Frankie Lam's open retaliation against her, Maggie responds to the couple's comments saying: "If I did not see it with my own eyes or hear it with my own ears, then I will not comment. I think this has all just been a beautiful misunderstanding, a passing comment of mine has been misconstrued, but I know that I am innocent in this. (Will you explain this to Kenix?) If I bump into her I will explain this to her. (What would you say to her?) 'Hey, don't be mad, you should know me by now and that I didn't mean it like that!'"

Maggie agrees with Frankie in that getting an award does not mean you are the best because she was voted for by the viewers and the company. She understands that there was a lot of gossip before the ceremony, so she just concentrated on her filming. Does she feel that the gossip has marred her award? Maggie says candidly: "I am numb to it now, I seem to attract a lot of gossip. (Will you be more careful in the future?) I don't need to intentionally, I will just be myself. I have always been like this with my friends and colleagues." Maggie hopes that this incident will be drawn to a close now.

As for Kenix's response after hearing her boyfriend's support for her, she says that she and Frankie are not gossip-mongers and does not want this to become a huge argument. However, seeing her boyfriend and her friends all standing up to offer her support, she says that she cannot wish for anything more and this makes her happier than any award. Finally she leaves us with the words: "Just work hard and don't talk too much any more!"

When told that Maggie plans to tell her not to be mad with her, Kenix says: "I have not been angry at all, with so many people supporting me, I don't care about anything else, everyone just needs to keep concetrating on our own work."


[Oriental Daily]

Mariane Chan has been very busy promoting her slimming business and at a store opening yesterday, she proudly announced that her two spokespersons Sandra Ng and Maggie Cheung have achieved awards recently (Ming Pao Weekly award and TVB award) and with Bernice Liu winning a car at the TVB awards, there has been good news all around.

In response to reports about Maggie's excitement getting the better of her after winning the awards, Mariane wholeheartedly supports Maggie, saying that she had joked that Maggie was so happy she had gone crazy and she explains that to win such an award creates an indescribable feeling of happiness and excitement and urges everyone to understand that.

Seeing all the competition over this award, Mariane says she has mixed feelings because she would really like to win the award herself, but she is glad to be outside of it all. In the past when she filmed for TVB, she had lost all will to battle and just wanted to make each show as good as she could, now she can only pin her hopes on her spokespersons to fulfil her wish for her.


As the TVB anniversary passes for another year, Michael Tao who has just returned to TVB has no luck with awards this year and judging a beauty contest in Guangzhou, he laughs: "Awards are down to fate! Everyone should understand my feelings, with no awards after so many years, of course there are regrets. Maybe I have been concentrating my efforts on Mainland productions lately, and not been in Hong Kong, but I don't care for whether the choices are good or badn any more, but I do feel there is something to be gained."

After just finishing filming for TVB's "Ching Chu Yu Nam", Michael is relaxed as he says: "At the moment my health isn't very good, so I finally get a chance to take a rest." After the Chinese New Year, he will film again for TVB and stay a little longer in Hong Kong in the hope he can gain a little more viewer acknowledgement and reap some rewards in the coming year.


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