Monday, November 03, 2003

Ratings report from The Sun and Ta Kung Pao

The first week's results for TVB's anniversary production "Triumph in the Skies" has been announced and the show starring Francis Ng and Flora Chan has stood proud, averaging 31 points (over 2million viewers) and peaking at 33 points, breaking the mould of ratings dropping in the first weeks of airing. TVB's other series "The Driving Power" and "Virtues of Harmony 2" gained 30 and 31 points respectively and creating the recently rare occurrence of all three shows in the thirties.

Also, the visit of Taikonaut Yang Liwei sparked interest as despite the coverage of the live broadcast from HK Stadium only having an average of 7 points, the evening highlights programme reached a very respectable 20 points. Also, "Heart to Heart with Anita Mui" reached 22 points, a five point improvement on the Saturday slot in the previous week.


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