Sunday, November 02, 2003

(Pictures from Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily)
[Sing Pao]

Early yesterday morning, Anne Heung and Joyce Tang appeared at the opening ceremony for a sponsored charity walk and joined in as guests for the warm up exercises as well as lending their support and opening the event. The two pretty girls were lively and energetic although it was very early and they announced that artistes need to be able to bear any hardship and this is the first rule of showbiz.

When the two arrived, there were many mentally disabled people there who wanted to take a picture with them and among them, one of the participants got a little overexcited and started leaning on Anne. However, Anne didn't mind as she explained that she has done a lot of work for this charity for people with learning disabilities through her work with the Wai Yin Association and has also made donations to them, but her appearance at yesterday's event was representing herself. Joyce also explained that she has been doing a lot of voluntary work.

Joyce seemed wide awake in the morning and she revealed that she had previously been to another event in Foshan, where again she had to wake up very early and as she was so tired when she got home, she fell asleep at 4pm and slept through to the next morning, a total of 15 hours. Anne then added accusingly: "Yeah, when I called her that evening, she didn't even hear the phone!". Joyce laugh that her record in the last two months was missing 149 calls because she was asleep and says that as soon as she falls asleep she is totally knocked out and can even sleep for three days and three nights. Of course if she has to film, then she can also work solidly for three days and three nights!

Anne says she isn't as bad as Joyce, the most she has slept for was 20 hours when she was studying in Canada. However, if she has to work, she will never be late and will place a lot of alarm clocks by her bed as well as set her phone to wake her up. She also says that she rarely has insomnia and can sleep almost anywhere. Joyce and Anne both say that if you want to enter showbiz, one of the first rules is that you must be able to go with little sleep, because sometimes when you are working, then you will only have one or two hours sleep and they would rather not eat and use the time to have a nap instead.


[Ta Kung Pao/ Sing Pao]

Roger Kwok and Twins received "The Most Improved Award" from RTHK's "Most Improved Awards 2003" yesterday, celebrating a year's worth of hard work. Originally Roger had been scheduled to film for "Gak Sai Jui Hung" but as the director was happy for him gaining this award, he allowed Roger three hours off to go and receive the award. This is the first year that Roger has taken part in this event and he never imagined that he would win an award. Also at yesterday's event were Deep Ng and Alex Fong (Lik San) to offer support for the 5000 students who had also entered.

Roger says that he has been touched by the atmosphere surrounding all the awards ceremonies towards the end of the year and his family have been very happy for him. He has always worked hard and this year he has met with a lot of good opportunities as he feels he is maturing along with his audience. Therefore, if he was asked to reprise his role of "Ah Wong" then he doesn't mind because he will not give himself any pressure on ratings. He has only one goal and that is to bring enjoyment to his viewers, if he can do this then he is already very happy. Does he feel any pressure from the expectation for him to win the male lead award for the TVB anniversary? He says: "I haven't really thought about it too much. (What will you be performing on the night?) I don't know yet, but I have prepared some nice clothes. (Will you be pinning your hopes on the music awards ceremony because you have sung the theme to "Not Just A Pretty Face" with Joey Yung?) It would be nice to get an award, because it is a happy event. (So you'll have to prepare another outfit then?) I will be prepared."


[Oriental Daily]

With very little in the way of gossip, Anne Heung has been in the industry for five years and worked with many a male star, however she has never been linked romantically to any of her co-stars and has only dated properly once before she entered showbiz. However, it turns out that this 'good girl' has been secretly dating an executive from M8 Talent Management Company.

Anne has been spotted with a tall man eating dessert in Sai Kung and although there was also another couple with them, this man was very caring towards Anne. Firt he asked her to choose her favourite dessert before buying it for her with another of the men, while Anne and the other woman headed back to wait in the car. Afterwards, the tall man took the dessert to the ladies to try and then got into the drivers' seat to set off. After eating the food, they headed off to a shopping mall and although they did not seem very affectionate, but when they felt that they were in the company of just their friends, Anne and the tall man held hands and her first love affair after entering showbiz has been revealed.

After some investigation, the man who has won Anne's affections is an executive at M8 Talent Management Lo Yiu Wai and afterwards when Anne was asked to confirm whether she is dating, she said: "We are at very early stages at the moment, we have just started dating and I hope you can give us some space and time to let us get to know each other. I don't like to use my personal affairs as promotion, so I hope that you will concentrate your reports on my work, I really have nothing more to say. (How did you meet?) We were introduced by friends. (Why did you choose him?) These things are down to fate, you don't choose them yourself. However we are just starting at the moment and he is not in showbiz, so I really don't want to say too much."


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