Friday, November 14, 2003

(Photos from Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao and The Sun)

[Sing Pao]

Sonija Kwok and Joe Ma were at a promotion for a new housing development and both of them mentioned that with so many great properties around, they are tempted to buy their own properties. However they both have different criteria as Sonija insists that she will not be buying one jointly with boyfriend Deric Wan and Joe is looking for convenience.

Sonija has done plenty of ads for property and she says that as she loves looking at homes, so there is no problem in seeing more. However, looking is all she can do because as yet she does not have her own property, but she says that her expectations are very high and buying her own property will not be as an investment, but to live in. Also she does not want to borrow money from the bank, but pay for it all in one go, so she will have to keep saving up slowly and therefore is taking her time over the selection. When asked whether she should take advantage of the market and buy a property jointly with her boyfriend, Sonija says: "I will definitely not buy a properly jointly with my boyfriend, but may do with my future husband." She adds that if she buys a place in the future, she is not concerned that the paparazzi will find out because the most important thing is her comfort and if her address is revealed or not, she doesn't mind.

Joe Ma says that he sees his home very importantly and he loves the feeling that he gets from his home. As he is often under the bright lights of filming, the lighting in his home has to be very soothing. When asked how much he has been paid for this promotion, he says the salary is 'very good' and as the market is quite good at the moment, he is thinking of trading his rented apartment for a home of his own. He says: "Like this apartment here is just above the MTR and near to TVB City, so it is very convenient. I hope that the developers will give me a discount."

Joe's workload has been rising lately so his income has risen as well and buying a property should not be difficult for him. He has earlier been shooting the cover for his album that will be released soon as it turns out that the sponsors are realising his dream to become a pop star. Joe points out that he has recently become spokesperson for an Italian designer label and he is the first one for this label in the world. In order to make the occasion extra special, his sponsors have arranged a series of promotional events, including making him a singer and recording an album for him. They have had two songs written especially for him entitled "Ngoi Nei Yau Jui" (To Love You is a Crime) and "Ngo Mo Kuen Gong" (I Have No Power to Speak). There will also be a special way of releasing this album. When asked if he will be sending copies of his song to the radio stations, Joe laughs: "Then I will be in with a chance for the 2004 Newcomer award!"


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