Thursday, November 13, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

With Kenix Kwok's announcement that she has agreed to marry Frankie Lam, they were the focus of much mockery by their colleagues as they appeared at the TVB Sales Presentation and besides the continuous congratulations from Timmy Hung and Carlo Ng, even Nancy Sit requested a kiss from them in public. At first Frankie and Kenix were rather reluctant, but after much encouragement and peer pressure, they agreed and caused Nancy to clap her hands and call: "So sweet, so fortunate, a great match... let me teach you how to check your temperature soon so you can have kids!"

Frankie was working in TVB City yesterday and as asked when they would become husband and wife. He immediately smiled and said: "We have been husband and wife for a long time. (Are you getting married next year?) Yes, but we haven't set a date yet, nothing's been started yet and I am just looking hard for a diamond ring at the moment, I am planning to spend a six-figure sum." Although the two are yet to start arranging their marriage, the news of their plans has aroused the interest of many sponsors, not only for the honeymoon and the wedding banquet, but even for the wedding gown and even the wedding cakes who have all started getting in touch with them, seeming more excited than the main characters!


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