Wednesday, November 05, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

TVB's 36th Anniversary celebrations will be taking place on 19th November and at the time, many of the big sisters and female leads will be preparing to show off their beauty. In order to raise the profile and value of their artistes, TVB has already arranged jewellery sponsors for the senior female stars with the total value of the items on loan reaching over $10 million.

Among these sponsors, luxury watch company Piaget has specifically asked to sponsor Carol (Dodo) Cheng three sets of diamond jewellery including earrings, necklace and rings worth $2.2 million. When this deal was mentioned, Carol was extremely excited and said: "It turns out that Piaget have never sponsored anyone before and this is the first time. They were very generous and laid out the jewellery for me to choose. (They wanted to sponsor you because of your elegant and gracious image?) Haha, thank you. The jewellery I saw was so beautiful so I also asked my designer Benny Yeung to design two dresses to complement them. (Are they sexy?) There are no low-cut v's, I can't fight against the young girls any more and anyway, they like my gracious image, so it wouldn't be right to have it cut too low." Carol has been happy that TVB has been seeking sponsors for the big sisters and she laughst that as long as they look stunning on the day of the anniversary, then it is okay, there is no pressure on them, even if they are wearing millions of dollars worth of jewellery. "I am used to it now and there will be three or four bodyguards watching over me!".


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