Thursday, November 13, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

TVB has held another leg of it's travelling promotion for the anniversary in Wong Tai Sin, inviting members of the public to cast their votes for the awards. However, there have been complaints from some viewers who saw two women who took away a huge pile of forms and voted for the same artistes using the same ID number. It has been suggested that this would be unfair to other voters and cast a shadow on the voting process.

When TVB was quizzed about this incident, the variety shows executive Wong Ka Leung explained that the voting is very fair: "After we receive the voting forms, we will first check if there are ten characters selected. Those that pass this first stage will be passed to Wong Lung Tak accountancy practice where they are audited by ID card number. When the details have been entered into the computer, it is easy to see the duplicated ID numbers and our rule is that one person gets one set of votes, so if they complete a hundred forms with one ID, then they will still only have voted once. It is totally fair and we would urge viewers not to be so greedy because it is no use if you fill in so many forms."


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