Sunday, November 09, 2003

[Oriental Daily /The Sun]

Flora Chan, Joe Ma, Sammul Chan and other members of the "Triumph in the Skies" cast took part in an anniversary promotional event yesterday and they split into three teams to draw aeroplanes. Of the three teams, Flora's was the best and she smiled: "Mike draws them even better!" It turns out that Mike Chung is Flora's new manager and as they have been appearing together a lot recently, there have been rumours of a romance between them. However, Flora explains: "That will not happen, we met each other when we were seventeen and he is like a big brother to me. He is good friends with my ex-husband and they are always doing things together." In response to her change in contract terms with TVB, Flora says: "I have changed to a per-episode arrangement with TVB and will continue to film series with them, I don't feel as though I have left TVB because they are very caring towards me and even with my departure, they still made sure that my exit would be trouble free. (Why did you leave?) They have been too good to me in the last six years and I want to give myself some space. Although my new manager is not from the industry, I am confident in him and I think we will work well together."

Producer Lam Ka Wing reveals that this year's anniversary celebration will be opened by Roger Kwok, together with six newcomers who will accompany Sir Run Run Shaw in a firework lighting ceremony. Producer Lam indicates that Roger was not personally chosen by Sir Run Run, but by the committee. He says: "How was he chosen? From his experience, he is the most suitable person. (Will this help his chances of winning the male lead award?) I don't know, this depends on the voting." Also Lam also revealed that at the moment, the leaders for the male lead award are Roger and Bobby Au-Yeung and the female award is being fought out between Maggie Cheung and Jessica Hsuan.

As for Roger's response to 'leading the newcomers', he is very happy, but discussing the male lead award, he says leading the vote is one thing, but he is concentrating on his work and he will leave worrying about the award until that night. As for Maggie, she says that her attitude to work has changed somewhat in recent years and whether she gets the award or not as long as she is happy in her work.


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