Monday, November 24, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan took part in the opening ceremony of a beauty parlour in Panyu earlier and attracted a huge crowd of local residents who gathered around to watch and making this 'Best Partnership' the centre of attention. Whilst shaking hands with the crowds, Roger was scratched so badly that he was bleeding at the end of it. However he seemed unaffected by his injuries as he said: "They are really enthusiastic, so they are a little heavy-handed during the handshakes. It is just a scratch, I'll be fine."

As for Roger's character of 'Ah Wong' in "Square Pegs" sweeping the awards at the TVB anniversary, the title of the opening ceremony was taken as "Mei Lai Joi 'Wong'" (The Beauty in Ah Wong) and they arranged for Roger to hand out 'Wong' branded foods at the event.


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