Thursday, November 06, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Over the years, Ada Choi has had to work hard to pay off her mother's gambling debts until finally in 2000, she finally broke her ties with her mother and stopped having to pay as well as ended any more interviews about her family. However, in a recent Christian VCD, Ada tells of how her mother has become a devout Christian as she says happily: "My mum and dad have become Christians, they go to church... and have been baptised, this is a miracle... my mum even says: 'I now believe in God, no-one cannot believe in Him, hurry up and join in, I was late in getting to know God, so I did a lot of wrong things...'".

When the reporters asked Ada about this, although she was happy, in response to whether she was back in touch with her mother, she only said: "I have said that I don't want to talk about my family, thank you for your concern." However Ada said openly: "Even if my friends or people I don't know or have only met once start to believe in God, then I will feel very happy, so moreover if they are family. I have been praying all along and they have been answered, I feel very content. The happiest thing for me is that she (her mother) will no longer be lonely in her future path."

Also, some photos that Ada earlier took for a cosmetics company promotion have been used by a magazine as the cover picture, but has been doctored to give her a distorted figure, with the reports saying she tells of how to make your breasts bigger. When askeed about this, she says angrily: "I really don't know where their ethics are, it is disgusting and I feel sick when I see it, they are taking it too far. The most annoying thing is the content, during the supposed interview, I was on vacation in France and I never did the interview with them and didn't say these things. I don't know why they have to betray you just for their sales." As Ada feels that there is a huge problem with the report, she went to visit the company to find out how they felt and to see whether or not to take legal action against the magazine.


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