Saturday, November 08, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Nancy Sit appeared in a short dress at an event yesterday and having just returned from Singapore where she met with some of her fans, she laughs that a fan commented that she has not changed in thirty seven years and is still very active, so she chose a short skirt especially to show off her youth.

Geomancy expert read Nancy's fortune indicating that Nancy will be finding her true love soon and she was asked whether she had a likely candidate. Nancy smiled sweetly and said: "There is... (Is he younger than you?) Not just younger, but a lot younger. I can't really accept a 'big sister' love affair, so I don't know if it will be fruitful and I have asked Catherine Hung about it. (Catherine is dating Kwok Lik Hang who is a few years younger than her.) She said that age is not a problem, but I am worried that my kids will object, so I daren't start this relationship."

Deciding to put her romance aside, Nancy has been working hard to promote Hong Kong's tourism industry. In December, she will lead over a hundred Singaporean fans to Hong Kong for a tour as well as going to watch good friend Chan Po Chu's concert in a radical boost to Hong Kong's economy.


[Oriental Daily]

With earlier reports of Lawrence Ng and his rumours of seeing PR girls, he has not been able to detach himself from the negative press and he is most likely troubled about whether he can regain his healthy image with his audience. As he is working hard with his career, Lawrence and his production partner Tang Tak Hei are currently planning to start work on filming a TV series based around the Hong Kong version of "Pretty Woman" where Lawrence will be playing the part of the businessman meeting with the saucy hooker, rather fitting in line with his recent news stories. Reports indicate that this series has already been sold to the Mainland, with investors feeling that the "Lawrence the Player" image will become the latest hit.

This change that Lawrence will be making, dropping his wholesome doctor image and moving into the circles of a playboy seems to be a drastic experiment, but it seems that it is a rather desperate attempt to try and push the negative press along the lines of it becoming promotion for his new series. Producer Tang who is in charge of the series is confident with this script and believes that Lawrence's character in the series is a good one. He says that Richard Gere played the role in the original "Pretty Woman" in a dashing and stylish way as well as with trust and honour, which girl out there would not fall for him? If this image is successfully created, then it may be a new pathway for him yet. Attempts to contact Lawrence about this were unsuccessful up until time of going to press.

After the earlier negative press, Lawrence didn't seem to be bothered by the reports and with TVB's support for him to continue filming "Healing Hands III", this seemed to push his confidence in his value even more. What was more worrying was his relationship with his girlfriend Iva Lo as they entered a period of uncertainty with their relationship. However, they seem to have ironed out there differences after a month of reflection and are now back together. Of course Lawrence has arranged a part for Iva in his series, who plays his fiancee but as for the sassy female lead, they are still discussing this with a famous Mainland actress.


[The Sun]

This year's "Miss World" pageant will soon be underway and yesterday the contestants all arrived in Hong Kong to prepare for a three day filming session. The organisers turned away the press saying that the contestants were not yet made up, but the girls themselves seemed happy for the press to snap away. Among them, Miss Bulgaria - Helen was probably too happy as she left her passport on the coach and had to return for them after checking in at the hotel.

As for Hong Kong's representative Rabee'a Yeung, she joined the camp with three cases of luggage and said: "After joining them, I will have to go everywhere with them and I won't be left alone, so I will miss home! (Have you met the other contestants?) Not yet, there will be a ball tonight so I hope to meet new friends then."


[Ming Pao]

TVB's youth series "Hearts of Fencing" has had some good reviews since its release, but there have been allegations that the show is copied from Japanese comic "Touch". As part of the cast, Edmond Leung appearing as a judge at a cat show yesterday was asked about the plagiarism, he said: "Actually I knew from day one that they were making in the style of a Japanese comic strip, using camera angles and settings that are very Japanese in style. I don't feel this is a problem as they have adapted it well. I have never read 'Touch' though, so I don't know how alike it is." He is pleased at the good reception for the show and reveals that the producer has indicated that they will be making another series. However, he would like the show to be aired a little earlier because he feels it is losing out by being on too late.


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